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Sam Levin begins Frame of Mind with Everything’s Okay. The track is a blending of alt rock with a twinkling electronic sound that comes forth as tremendously reverent of 1990s and oughts styles, all while having a current and vibrant sound.

Shades Of Pale is a truly beautiful effort. On this outing, Levin needs little more than a guitar an his inimitable vocals to make something that will resound loudly with listeners. Frame Of Mind is one of the most complex and contemplative songs on the album; there is a guitar line that strives to match Levin’s vocals. It is with this dynamic that listeners will have to play the effort multiple times; there are just that many distinct layers that one can enjoy. Hide And Seek is out favorite song on the release. The playful synthesizers oppose the natural sound of the guitars and vocals; fans of Owl City and The Rocket Summer will love what Levin does here.

I Sure Hope Not (Again) infuses a bit of reggae and soulful sounds into the mix. It is precisely what listeners need to re-energize; after the sizzling guitar line, fans will eagerly devour the balance of the release.

Make My Day keeps the momentum high. The shuffling beat, sultry vocals, and snap/synth one-two make this into a dance floor-worthy track. The bit of synth that is heard here will appease fans of 1980s dance (e.g. Pet Shop Boys).

Frame of Mind ends with Tru Mo, an effort that does a tremendous job in tying up any loose ends that were created over the course of the album. For additional information about Levin, check out his main domain or social media profiles.

Top Tracks: Hide And Seek, I Sure Hope Not (Again)

Rating: 8.2/10

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