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If your main problem is described in the title of this article fully and in detail, you have got to the right page to learn some tricks and tips helping you to overcome procrastination. Besides, maybe your attention span is okay, but you don’t know how to work not to get distracted from the task at every given moment. A person should know his or her ability and learn how to focus on writing better. If you still don’t have some inspiration or concentration, you may always entrust an assignment to where your work will be written for you quickly, professionally, and brilliantly. Nevertheless, those who still build hopes to find a proper state of mind to begin to compose a paper and tackle it till the end without spending time on some unnecessary time eaters must prepare themselves to learn some basics of focusing here.

Do not Disturb!

Why do we lose our concentration? Why does it happen to us? According to Wikipedia, two types of attention span are distinguished:

  • Transient – the shortest amount of time when a person gets interested in some activity. It lasts for about eight minutes, then the focus is lost as easily as it was obtained.
  • Selective sustained – this is a longer period of time when a person is interested in an activity or task requiring more than eight minutes of concentration. Healthy men and teenagers are able to stay focused on a certain assignment for twenty minutes. So, if you think you are not able to sustain attention on a certain task for hours, don’t get upset about it because the ability may come over the years and with some exercise.

Besides, your concentration depends on the task itself. If it is enjoyable, familiar, and common for you, you handle an assignment quicker. Furthermore, different external factors influence you a lot. Thus, if you are hungry, stressed, or tired, your focusing will suffer a lot. Usually, you can restore your interest by having some rest, but it may be dangerous because some procrastination may come instead.

What to Do to Focus on a Composition?

The previous paragraph described reasons of procrastination, but no matter the reason, it can’t be an excuse. Unfortunately, a student should complete an assignment in any case. You won’t tell your professor that you couldn’t handle a task because of some statistics related to the attention span. You must complete an assignment here and now! For this reason, we have enumerated several useful tips helping everybody to keep focused on a writing task:

  • Try to work on a paper in the early morning rather than at night. Your thoughts and strengths are fresh at this time of day.
  • Write a plan. Divide a task into several separate parts and denote the time to finish each of them. Don’t forget to leave some minutes to have a rest.
  • Try to accomplish a certain part of an assignment on time and without any delays.
  • Get to an assignment as soon as possible. Postponing work till the deadline, you may get a paper of low quality and a great number of mistakes. Haste makes waste.
  • If you feel that you can write one more part of an assignment, do it while your focus is sustained on it.
  • Don’t do unnecessary work. Type everything down on a computer. It is better to write all your thoughts, and then select the most appropriate ones.
  • Have some rest! It will help you to refresh your thoughts.

Follow these recommendations and your attention span will increase due to the proper approach to paper composition. Enjoy your task and you won’t have any problems with your concentration.




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