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Moving to Canada is a fantastic chance to start your life anew. Canada is a land of opportunities that welcomes every person with open arms. It is a country of excellent healthcare coverage, an above average education system, stellar GDP and a wonderful president. Canadians are friendly by nature, and you will feel at home within a couple of days of moving.

Why is becoming a permanent resident to tough?

Getting your permanent residence approved is a challenging affair. This is primarily because Canada is ranked the 2nd best country to live in. Here are a few reasons why –

  • It offers an excellent standard of living
  • It has a secure financial system for its residents based on conservative banking practices.
  • It has a low population density. Lots of new job prospects open up every day for new citizens.
  • Most Canadian citizens are open-minded, peace-loving and friendly.
  • It has a diverse community drawing heavily from French and British cultures. People from every possible country live in Canada.
  • Free medical care for all permanent residents
  • NAFTA provides direct access to the North American Markets and American states.
  • You can travel the entire world with a Canadian passport.

What if, you are already in Canada –

Becoming a Canadian citizen is quite severe. You need to live in Canada for at least six years to apply for a permanent resident status. Canada does have an Express Entry system. All the applicants of this process score based on their job prospects and current performance. Only the ones that stand out can make it to the PR status. If you have a job with a Canadian company, you can try for Express Entry right away. Immigration services, like the Mapleimmigration services, can help you gather the required data and fill out necessary forms for this process.

Accept help –

No matter what your current status is, you need a push in the right direction. You need an authorized personnel to guide you, advise you and keep you informed. You can be a student or a jobholder, applying for a Canadian citizenship can become daunting unless you accept professional help. You need to explore multiple options, know the cost and understand the process.

Consultancy is a must –

If you want to know your chances of becoming a Canadian citizen, you should try out the free online assessment at the immigration website. Alternatively, you can book online consultations. An immigration personnel will reach out to you. They can help you understand what your chances of moving to Canada are. They will also warn you about the most common immigration errors you can make while applying for PR.

Canada is truly a beautiful country that can make your dreams of a better life come true.

Author Bio: Christina Levine is a Canadian citizen and human rights activist. She has also worked with Maple immigration services on numerous occasions to get PR status of immigrants approved.

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