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If there is a fire in a building of high heritage value, the losses are likely to be much greater as compared to conventional buildings because many items that are damaged are irreplaceable. If you own a building protection company, you would know that preserving the heritage is a bigger challenge that complicates the method of fire fighting. For conventional structures, it is easier to fight the fire because the focus is primarily on extinguishing the fire and saving lives without caring much about the damage to the property. You can just use any fire fighting chemical to douse the fire with Redtruckfireco fire extinguishers.

Specialty of firefighting in heritage buildings

In a heritage building, the selection of firefighting equipment plays a crucial role. The average range of fire extinguishers that is ruled by foams and chemical powders may not be the right choice because the chemicals can harm the heritage structure and cause more damage to it. Considering that such buildings are likely to encounter Class A, B, C and F types of fire, powder filled extinguishers are the usual choice. However, the concern for damage that the chemical powder can do to the heritage structure remains valid. Read on to know about how you can manage this concern when providing safety to heritage buildings.

What can work as an alternative?

Other than chemicals and foams, water can be the most effective fire fighting agent in heritage building fire. It can quickly douse the flames without causing any damage to the structures. What the fire has already damaged may not be recovered, but you can prevent further harm by using water in the process. Water is used in fire extinguishers but along with foam. However, special fire extinguishers that use only water can help both ends meet.

Water mist extinguishers

Water acts on fire most effectively when sprayed in the form of fine mist, and this technology is present in water mist extinguishers. The technology enables a liter of water to produce 22 billion water droplets by using low-pressure water to create a ultrafine mist that has excellent firefighting property. The experts use a special nozzle to produce the mist of de-ionized water that they spray upon the fire. The droplets are minute, to say the least, as they are only 25 microns in diameter, which is equivalent to 0.03 mm. The mist that the technology creates kills the fire but does not harm the surroundings.

How it works

Water mist extinguishers can handle almost all types of fire – A, B, C and F, and are capable of fighting electrical fires caused by equipment that does not exceed 1000 volts. The veil of mist creates a blanket on the fire and cuts off oxygen supply thereby extinguishing it. At the same time, the fog produces a cooling effect. Burning fats and liquids are efficiently doused by the mist as the minute droplets do not react with it.

Water mist fire extinguishers are green fire extinguishers as it is recyclable and does not use any chemicals. It is an ideal choice for preserving heritage buildings and structures that can be damaged by chemicals used in firefighting.

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