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Missed your flight?  Car broken down?  Do you have to spend another 24 or so hours longer in a town you were eager to get out of?  Many of us have been there and it can be a frustrating time waiting longer than planned to depart.

Regardless of where you are there will always be plenty of options to keep you occupied and take your mind off things.  To put you at ease and to stop you from dying of boredom, here are five things to keep you entertained whilst you kill time:

Write a Poem

Got access to a pen and paper?  Great.  If not, many shops sell them inexpensively.  How about writing a poem or a short story?  Perhaps you’ll find a hidden talent that you didn’t know you had.  The challenge of putting words together should keep your mind busy and entertained for hours.


Online Casino

We’re all hooked up to the internet on our phones these days which makes situations like this a little less painful.  If you’re in another part of the world where your friends can’t get online – perhaps asleep or at work, then online casinos and such can keep you occupied for hours.  The latest craze seems to be the .  There are plenty of sites that offer online games and who knows, perhaps you can make a little money in the process.


Read a Book/Newspaper

When did you last pick up a book?  There are still plenty of High Street shops selling them and who knows, maybe there’s a library nearby that you can sit inside.  Alternatively, you can purchase eBooks to read on your phone at websites like Amazon.  A book should keep you occupied for a long time.

Alternatively, grab yourself a copy of the latest newspaper.  An easy way to keep up with the latest news – perhaps some of this will drop into conversation when you reach your next destination.


Go for a Walk

Take a walk.  Not the most glamourous of places?  Who knows what you may find.  Start taking photos of the scenery and upload them to Instagram – who knows how popular your photos may become.  Perhaps it will turn into a new hobby for you.  Enjoy the nature that this world has to offer and get some exercise and fresh air at the same time – it does your body and mind a world of good.


Catch up on Sleep

Had a few late nights recently?  Had a few late nights this year?  How about taking this as an opportunity to catch up on your sleep?  Scientists believe we need between 6-8 hours of sleep per night to keep our body fit and healthy.  No harm in using this as an opportunity to go over the eight-hour mark and catch up on all your recent activities.

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