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When you need to move house but don’t have the budget to hire a moving company to pack, load, deliver, and unload your household belongings, self-service moving companies can be a great alternative. The moving company simply provides the trucking service, while you take care of the packing, loading, and unloading at your destination. You also are spared of the hassle of driving a large vehicle that you are not accustomed to through traffic and unfamiliar roads.

What Does Self-Service Moving Include?

The services offered by self moving companies are generally limited to providing a truck of your choice driven by a professional driver. Sometimes, if you request, these companies will provide you a moving container a few days prior to your trip date so that you can pack all your goods at your leisure. The truck can simply pick up the container on the indicated day saving a lot of idle time. Some companies may also offer a trailer to carry your car at an extra charge.

Cost Consideration of Self-Service Moving

The cost of engaging a self-service moving company typically depends on a number of factors such as the size of the truck, the distance as well as the area from where you are traveling and the destination. There will usually be an additional cost for the moving container or if you want the truck at your place for an extended time for loading your belongings. Generally, the cost of self-service moving will be less than hiring a mover to do everything, unless you choose a eco-friendly moving company such as Movegreen Santa Barbara movers. However, your final cost saving will depend on how much time you take to load and unload, as well as the cost of assistance in packing and loading, if you are not able to do it all by yourself. Remember, you will also need to find suitable assistance when unloading and unpacking.

Other Considerations That Should Influence Your Decision

All moving companies require you to specify a period of engagement, and if you return or release the truck late, you can expect to pay additional charges that will be specified in your agreement. Similarly, if you exceed the mileage contracted for, there will be extra charges applied. While you will not be required to purchase additional vehicle insurance, you remain responsible for any damage. You should check with your insurance company whether your cover is adequate. Apart from the rental, the moving company will place a hold on your credit card for a deposit amount that will be released when you return the truck.


It is in your best interest to carefully evaluate the benefits of self-service moving over that of engaging a full-service mover, especially if you have bulky or fragile stuff that may need special moving equipment and expertise. Make your considered decision after factoring in the effort, time, stress, and the value of your belongings and not the cost alone. The more valuable, delicate or outsized your goods are, the more it makes sense to engage professionals.

Author Bio: Gary Stevens is the managing partner of one of the top-ranked self-moving companies on the East Coast. An active spokesperson for the local industry, he writes frequently on various aspects of moving.

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