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Online gambling has opened doors to a magnificent experience where people can enjoy the privacy and comfort of their homes along with the ease of depositing and collecting money through debit cards. One can also play multiple tables at a time. Mr Mobi is one such online gambling platform which ensures a fun and absolutely safe experience.


Though gambling can be a harmless and exciting diversion, it has the potential of turning into an addiction quickly. Even famous and influential people also get fixated on gambling. Here’s a list of a few celebrities who became victims of this addiction at least once in their lifetime.


  1. Wayne Rooney


Wayne Mark Rooney is a professional footballer who is the Captain of both Manchester United and the national team of England. He has broken the goal scoring record for both the teams. He has won five Premier Leagues and one UEFA Champions League for Man U.


Wayne Rooney is known to have lost a huge amount of money in gambling. In May 2017, he lost £500,000 in two hours playing Blackjack and Roulette. Early in his career, he lost £50,000 while gambling. This also landed him in a tiff with his wife Coleen.


  1. Joey Barton


The gambling addiction seems to have affected many of the UK footballers. The FA investigated Joey Barton, another professional English football player, in January 2012 for the tweets sent out by him predicting outcomes of matches. Another investigation kicked in September 2016 and he was found to have bet on several football leagues and cups, also being a part of some of the matches. His career as a footballer is at stake as he has been banned from playing for 18 months due to breaking the betting rules.


Joey began his football career in 2002 playing for Manchester City. He switched to several other teams in the upcoming years. He became a part of the English national team in 2007.  Apart from gambling, he has also been charged for violent attacks on opponents.


  1. Harry Styles


Harry Styles is a famous English singer and songwriter who is a part of the immensely popular band One Direction. He, along with his band members, has released several successful albums over the years and has gone on two world tours. The band has won numerous awards for their songs.


Harry is one of the youngest people to be known for their obsession with gambling. He is known to have spent exorbitant amounts in several casinos around the world. He has already been banned from two casinos. So much is his love for gambling that he has, what is believed, a tattoo inspired by the games.




  1. Jaromir Jagr


Jaromir Jagr is a Czech professional right winger in ice hockey who started his career in 1988. He currently plays for the team Florida Panthers. Like many other European sportsmen, he has spent a fortune on gambling. Although he denies having a gambling ‘problem’, he is known to have paid off 950,000 US dollars to online gambling sites. In 2003, he was caught for not paying taxes worth over $3 million.


  1. Charlie Sheen


Charlie Sheen is a famous American actor known for his successful films such as Wall Street, Eight Men Out, and The Three Musketeers etc. He is also a popular TV face well known for starring in Two and a Half Men.


Recently, he is in the news every once in a while for his personal life rather than his professional one. He is addicted to alcohol and drugs and has allegations of domestic violence. He also has spent heavily on casino gambling as well as betting on sports events. His ex-wife Denise Richards revealed that he spent around $200,000 a week on betting and gambling. Sheen made a statement in 2011 that he was no longer addicted to gambling.


Apart from these, there are many other big celebrities that share an addiction to gambling. It may be because they make more money than they know what to do with. While there is nothing wrong with playing at online and land-based casinos for some fun but, as they say, Excess of anything is harmful.

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