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Over the course of the last 19 years, we have covered a wide variety of performers that have run the gamut from Christian to death metal. One of our major focuses was in electronic and dance music, based on my own love for 1980s synth-pop and 1990s dance and ambient genres. As the styles laid the blueprint for the modern style of EDM and all of the subgenres that reside within,  it is interesting to see new artists draw upon this earlier format.

One of these artists turning something on its head is Australia’s Eztain. We have covered the Iconoclast EP a few weeks back ( here ) and were impressed how unique of a sound that Eztain was able to create over the course of five tracks. Where may artists struggle to create a narrative over the course of a full length release, Eztain has packed enough twists and turns present to keep listeners focused in for multiple plays. The rich narrative quality of the tracks on the Iconoclast far outstrips what is being played on our side of the pond. After covering this release, we were quite surprised to find out that only a few people had liked him on Facebook.

It’s rare to get so far ahead of the curve when it comes to musicians, but what Eztain is doing with his music is pretty revolutionary. Where there is such a vocal component to the vast majority of EDM charting on Spotify and Beatport, Eztain’s instrumental-heavy approach is something that fans will eagerly devour. Where there was more than enough of Eztain’s personality that was shown to fans over the course of the Iconoclast EP, we were surprised at the transformative aspect of his skill. This can be found with his remix of Bonnie X Clyde’s Where it Hurts single.

We want you, NeuFutur readers, to keep an eye on our interview section. We sent Eztain a set of questions a few weeks back and will place his answers online when we receive them. I think there will be a greater appreciation for his music when additional information comes down the pipeline. For those individuals that are looking to find out more about Eztain, check out his, his Facebook, or hear samples of his music on Soundcloud and Spotify. For a song-by-song synoopsis of his music, visit our previous review written all about the Iconoclast EP.

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Eztain - Iconoclast EP

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