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Gas grills are easy to use, efficient and can be used to cook food in a matter of minutes. They will boost the performance and versatility of your kitchen as they are capable of cooking a variety of dishes. However, purchasing the best grill and BBQ takes time and lots of considerations. This is because of the wide variety of grills available in the market today. Here are a few trusted guidelines that will help you choose the right grilling device for your home.

Fuel type

Gas grills can be fueled using natural gas or liquid propane. Most of the gas available in the market can utilize any of these two fuel types. This is one factor that every homeowner must decide on before they purchase a grill. Propane is the most commonly utilized gas type and it is available in a refillable 20lb tank. Most hardware stores, grocery stores, and petrol stations will exchange an empty liquid propane tank with a full one at a fee. With this fuel, you can position your grill anywhere without worry. Natural gas is ideal if your home is heated with natural gas. Your grill must be permanently attached to the natural gas plumbing of your home. With natural gas, you will not require any gas tank refill. However, you will have restrictions in moving your grill.

Number of burners

You should consider the number of burners when buying your gas grill. You may be tempted to take home a grill with several burners. However, you must determine what suits your family. For example, a four-burner frill can be a great asset for families that have large parties and entertain frequently. However, it is costly, takes a longer time to heat and uses more gas. A 2 to 3 burner model is ideal for smaller families because it achieves uniform heat distribution and uses very little gas.

Built in or stand alone gas grill

Most grills tend to be freestanding and they are constructed to sit on their own cart or stand. These models are more portable and can easily be moved around. There are also the built-in models that are tailored on your outdoor counters or kitchen islands, providing a seamless incorporated appearance. A built-in gas grill is a perfect choice if you have or plan on constructing an outdoor kitchen. These grills are permanently fixed on your kitchen layout and cannot be moved from one place to another.

Safe operation

When purchasing your grill, you should consider safety while in operation. This is crucial because you want a grill that can be used without fear of flare-ups or gas leaks. This is crucial particularly for families that have children. You must ensure that your fittings and plumbing are secure and the food juices and fat should be directed far from the direct flames to prevent flare-ups. In addition, the electric starters must be reliable because manual operation of your grill can be dangerous and inconvenient. I recommend considering this guide before purchasing best gas grill in the market today.

Heat diffusers and lava or ceramic briquettes

For you to have the best barbeques, your grill should have a barrier that separates the flames and the food. This is crucial because it prevents continuous flare-ups and burning of your food. The main types of barriers that exist today are lava or ceramic briquettes and heat diffusers. Ceramic/lava briquettesabsorb heat from the burning fire and use that heat cook your food. Grills that utilize ceramic briquettes take time to heat up but tend to produce food that has more flavor. On the other hand, heat diffusers are the thin metal barriers that allow heat to the grill but prevent dripping of juice and fat from the food from hitting the flames. Stainless steel diffusers are the best because they distribute heat evenly and vaporize the drippings on contact.

Cooking Grates

Grill grates are constructed using stainless steel or porcelain-coated cast iron. Cast iron grill grates tend to retain heat longer and more compared to steel and leave noticeable sear marks on your food. Iron grills should be properly cleaned and occasionally seasoned. The iron may rust when the porcelain coating is scratched or chipped. The stainless steel grates do not dissipate heat evenly and are more costly than their iron counterparts; however, they need zero maintenance. Steel grates do not require seasoning, they will not rust, chip or crack, and they are easy to clean.



Your gas grill is a big investment for your kitchen. Therefore, you should ensure that you purchase a high-quality grill that will last for several years. You should purchase grills that are built using corrosion resistant and heavy-duty materials such as porcelain enameled steel and stainless steel. Gas grills that are well constructed will have better heat retention that allows them to maintain optimum temperatures even during cold weather. With a premium quality gas grill, you will enjoy delicious grilled food for many years without breakdown issues.


When buying a gas grill, you should check the warranty. Usually, high-quality grills have longer warranties. However, with a good grill you may never even use your warranty. Nevertheless, it is crucial to know the manufacturer of the grill and the warranty that they offer. Most companies will offer different warranties for various grill parts such as the grates, burners, and hood. Therefore, it is crucial for you to carefully read the warranties and never assume that everything is covered by the warranty. Things may break up when you are using your grill, and it is good to have them fixed without using your money.

Buying the best gas grill involves knowing the features to look for and the options that are available for you. There are countless grill models in the market today. Make sure that you choose one that will perfectly blend with your kitchen décor and suit your cooking needs. In addition, it should be easy to maintain and clean after use. With all these guidelines in mind, you will get the perfect gas grill that you will be proud of in the coming years.

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