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Blame is the first track off of Harmful If Swallowed’s current EP, Sleepless. The track ties together Blink 182 and Rise Against. There is a high energy, smart guitar work, and multiple part harmonies that unite to create a melody that buries itself deep into the minds and hearts of listeners. The bass line is prominent here, adding a nice chunkiness to the effort that counters the sizzling guitar work quite well. Dreamkiller is a perfectly polished piece of pop-punk. The start-stop style of Harmful If Swallowed provides a good boost to the EPs’ momentum. This really shows the technical ability of the members of the band. The supersonic sound that the band crafts from 1:45 to about 2:10 is some of the finest musicianship we’ve heard this year. The extended instrumental section that exists just after that gradually slows things down before the band is able to close up shop.

Forever is an effort that keeps the Sleepless EP interesting. This slower, more love-tinged track is substantially different from the rest of the tracks on this release. By slowing this sound down a bit, Harmful If Swallowed is able to put the focus back on the talented arrangements that comprise the vast majority of the track. The guitars come back to great effect, a trend that is continued through the penultimate track In Trust. In Terust unites rapid vocals and guitars into an effort that does not let fans breathe. This is pure late-1990s pop punk done right, with lush production and all members of the band contributing equally to the overall sound. The Sleepless EP concludes with the titular effort. The different sound of this last track both closes up the EP nicely and showcases a path that Harmful If Swallowed may take in the follow-up to this release.

Top Tracks: Forever, Dreamkiller

Harmful If Swallowed – Sleepless / 2017 Self Released /

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