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Do you dream of hunting dinosaurs with a chance of winning big? Then you’ll certainly love this new blockbuster slot machine from Microgaming. Jurassic Park was a worldwide smash-hit movie when it was released in 1993, and it’s very much considered a classic. Unlike most other films of the time, the special effects still hold up pretty well, along with its innovative concept.

That’s probably why they are still making sequels – alongside books, toys and video games. Jurassic World is the latest film in the series, where it’s actor Chris Pratt’s turn to save the day. This time, he actually teams up with the raptors! The film grossed $652,270,625 internationally, so it’s really no wonder they even had to make a slot machine out of it.

The British casino game publisher Microgaming was tasked with creating the official Jurassic World slot machine and they certainly did a great job. The graphics are very slick and high-definition, so the game looks great on any device. The stake limits are relatively low, but who cares when the wins can still get big?

The slot has 243 ways to win over 5 reels, where tons of special features and bonuses may appear – but be careful, because they DO bite! Indominus rex might appear at any moment, just to wreck the board and reward you up to 1000x your bet, but it’s also possible to get thrown in the raptor den.

There’s a total of three different bonus games, excluding the rex attack, which all have unique features. Three or more scatters will launch one of them, but you’ll get a nice surprise even if you only get two. They will turn into wild symbols, to replace any non-scatters on the reels!

Casino gaming has grown so big on the internet, it Is now one of the most popular forms of online entertainment in the world – at least in countries where it’s allowed. If you live in the US, chances are it’s illegal. States laws vary, but according to the FBI, that doesn’t matter. Of course, they would say that, since they are a federal agency.

If you live in Europe, however, there’s great news for you. All the big countries that are in the EU, like Germany, France and Spain, allow gambling online as long as it’s within the EU. Thanks to the internet and jurisdictions like Malta, that means it’s legal all over the EU. For countries outside of the EU, restrictions on online gambling vary wildly.

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