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Every day people are writing content for websites and blogs, but only a few get the desired attention from Google, as well as, users. Wiring just some random, unplanned content will never bring traffic to your website. Content must be composed in a way that will satisfy the requirements of the search engines and end users. Unless the content is SEO friendly, securing good rank for your website will remain a distant dream. Here are 5 guidelines by LasVegasWebDesignCo to make your content SEO friendly.

Use Keywords: No matter what some bloggers will say, keyword still lays the foundation of SEO. You just need to be more innovative when it comes to keyword selection. For instance, people are using voice search to ask questions like “where can I get the best wedding ring” or “when is the right time to invest in mutual fund”. So, if you are a jewelry manufacturer or own a wealth management firm, you need to insert long-tail keywords that will match with the users’ query. Optimization is essential for any website that is looking to reach high ranks on SEO; check this guide by Matt Diggity for more information.

Make It Shareable: No matter whether it is a blog post or the service page of your website, adding a few social media buttons is always a wise decision. Let people read your content and share it across various social media platforms effortlessly. The influx of organic web traffic will be noticed by Google and your website will be rewarded by a better rank on SERP.

Choose a Topic People Search For: You may say that this rule applies to blog posts only, but let me assure you that you can follow this guideline while writing website service page as well. Suppose you own a law firm. Now, you need to think what people may ask for while searching a law firm. Some of the questions people ask are “best divorce lawyer in my city?”, “the cost of getting a divorce?”, “child custody rules for divorce” etc. Now, you can create your website pages and discuss these issues in detail. For instance, you can be absolutely transparent about your service charge, and you can write child custody related information on the FAQ page.

Edit the Content Whenever Necessary: People don’t use the same search terms year after year and thus, you need to change the keywords as per the trend in the market. Also, any outdated information must be updated immediately. If the price of a product has changed, update it! If a service is no longer provided by you, remove it!

Quality Matters More Than Quantity: You may have heard that the length of content plays a key role when Google judges the value of your content. There is no doubt that length or rather word count matters, but only if you have written something truly valuable for the readers. That is why, Wikipedia content ranks so high. On the other hand, you will see that many websites such as “Search Engine Land” often post less than 300-word content and yet get very high rank on SERP. The reason is their content, despite being very short, provides crucial and updated information to a large global audience. So, quality is everything when it comes to content writing, not just the word count.


Crafting search engine friendly content is not difficult as long as you know how to do it. Pay attention to the suggestions shared in this post and you will be able to write website content more confidently next time.

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