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Many people who are interested in building their muscle mass make the mistake of being overenthusiastic and start working out too much or doing the wrong exercises and end up being very disappointed when their efforts do not pay off or even cause injuries that put them out of action for weeks, if not months. A quick look at some of the most common mistakes that people make before and after their workouts:

Not Warming Up or Cooling Down

The reason you should always warm up properly before starting your exercises is to avoid giving your system the shock that can otherwise accompany high-intensity exercises. By performing light exercises that work up a little sweat you are sending signals to your body not to be surprised with the more intense action that will follow. Typically, doing arm circles, marching in place, walking briskly, squatting, etc. are great warming up exercises.

Cooling down is also essential as taking a shower immediately after performing exercises that have elevated your heart rate can give a big shock to the body. Allowing yourself to cool down also decreases the chances of muscular injuries and gives you the time to relax before you get busy with your daily work.

Lifting Too Much Weight

Lifting weight is a very good way of building muscle mass but trying to lift too much weight is the easiest way of injuring yourself. The best results from weightlifting are obtained when you increase the weights progressively after you are able to do at least 10-15 reps without stressing yourself out. If even doing 10 reps continuously is looking difficult, you must switch to a lower weight. Whenever you are increasing the weight, don’t try to be too ambitious; anything more than a 5% increment could leave you open to injuries. Try to follow a schedule that permits you to keep on adding more weight until a certain stage every couple of weeks. It is important for you to resist the temptation of illegal steroids for sale online that promise magical results.

Resting Too Much In Between

When you need to build muscles, you will need to perform the exercises without taking too much time in between for resting as that can wipe out the benefits you are aiming for. Your exercise schedule should have you working up a light sweat, your heart rate should be elevated, and you should be feeling a sense of satisfaction by working out. Taking too much rest lets your body cool down, burns fewer calories, increases the chances of injuries, and makes you spend too much time in the gym.


While the earlier points are very important, one of the biggest mistakes that bodybuilders tend to make is exercising too much and too often under the belief that they will achieve their objectives faster. Nothing could be further from the truth as the body needs adequate periods of rest so that it can rejuvenate and repair itself. The real addition of mass is done when you are resting and not when you are working out.

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