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Throughout all of our journeys on the east of the Mississippi, we can honestly say that we were never lucky enough to visit Nashville, Tennessee. The Loews Vanderbilt invited us in for a stay before Christmas, and we were astonished at the level of service and amenities that the property and its employees provided. The hotel offers a number of distinct suites as well of rooms which all include free WiFi and flat screen TVs, coupled with modern design and one of the comfiest beds that we have experienced while out on the road. Heck, even the elevators were able to ferry us up multiple stories in an expeditious fashion well beyond what we’ve typically experienced in our travels for NeuFutur.
The viewpoint from our room showcased the hustle and bustle of Nashville. For those on the hotel’s top two stories (the Club Level), there is a lounge that serves cocktails and appetizers during the night and a posh continental breakfast spread during the morning. For our initial meal, we had a selection of fresh foods along with luxurious muffins. As with our individual room, the Club Lounge was ornately laid out and enjoyed a beautiful view of downtown Nashville. It was a perfect place to stop by whenever we wanted a change of scenery without getting properly dolled-up for the rest of the city.


Mason’s Southern Provision is the Loews Vanderbilt’s own restaurant. During our stay at the hotel, we were able to experience a number of Mason’s plates, including two appetizers, their Fried Green Tomatoes ($9) and the Roasted Pumpkin ($9). The fried green tomatoes were a high-water mark for the dinner. There was a good amount of breading that was able to stay adhered to the tomatoes, while the good goddess sauce brought out the vegetable side of the tomato. The Roasted Pumpkins had a ton of the titular vegetable present; we would have liked to have a bit more of kale (and perhaps peanuts) included in our dish as the crispness of the kale highlighted the flavors of the smoked goat cheese and green apples.
The restaurant is undergoing a bit of a decor and a menu change, but what we experienced during dinner was truly transcendent. The 8 ounce NY Strip Steak ($32) was cooked to perfection and came with crispy onions as well as Mason’s own cornbread. The picked vegetables brought a proper amount of acid to the rich and buttery main entree.
I chose Mason’s award-winning Mason’ Burger ($36). The burger itself was large enough that one needed to practically unhinge their jaw to get a full bite. The burger was also cooked to perfection and contained an ample sweet element (a Yazoo-infused bacon jam) along with a bit of crunch (crispy onions), and ended with a creamy, fulfilling flavor profile contributed by the onion ash aioli, a white cheddar, and a brioche bun.
The restaurant has paired with Yazoo Brewing to match desserts with the brewery’s offerings. We experienced a sampler of four of Yazoo’s brews – the Gerst, an amber ale that is absolutely bursting with flavor, the Hop Perfect IPA which is able to do the traditional India Pale Ale style perfectly, and an a Pale Ale that is incredibly easy to drink. The Sly Rye Porter was a good match for the richness of the burger, with a good amount of toasted malt flavors accentuating the beef.
The portion size of the Bourbon Caramel Bread Pudding ($9) was considerable, with more than enough for two to share. For the younger set, we were also able to get a freshly-cooked brownie, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate drizzle dessert made (the dessert is also available on the room service menu).

A Poppin’ Nightlife

A well-stocked mini bar with ample amounts of sweets and drinks for those needing a late-night fix. The room service had a surprisingly large amount of options available. We’d like to also discuss Mason’s Bar at this point. With a bevy of different beers (macrobrewed and craft breweries alike), Moore’s Bar will ensure that one can wind down their nights in a memorable fashion. Even those with a penchant for whiskeys and scotches will find more than enough brands and expressions to whet their whistle.
For those that need to pick up a late-night snack or make it out to any of the various haunts in downtown Nashville, Loews offers a complimentary car service within a three-mile radius.


The Loews Vanderbilt Hotel is pet friendly (an additional charge of $50 a night applies for up to two pets), with the staff of the hotel even ensuring that your furred friend is kept well-fed and taken care of, even if you leave the hotel. For those that make their pets’ presence known with the concierge, the hotel is more than happy to provide a variety of food options. We were able to bring our Siamese cat Murray to the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel; he was warmly greeted with a chicken and rice plate and a disposable litter box. For those pets that are a little on the loud side, the hotel does have a “time out” option available for $10/hour that will keep your pets safe while being away from the main section of rooms. The hotel has ample information regarding pet-sitting services, veterinarians, and routes where cats and dogs can stretch their legs.


The hotel has a number of distinct parking options that ensures that one will always be able to have access to their car during their stay. We opted for the self-parking option ($30/night), which ensured that our car was safe and that we were able to leave the parking garage whenever we saw fit. The hotel also provides a valet parking option ($35/night), which ensures that one’s car is parked in an incredibly convenient location. For those that have an electric car, the property also has a number of charging stations.
We were quite happy at how easy it was to enter into Nashville traffic, as the hotel’s parking garage shunts individuals onto an access road before putting them into the hustle and bustle of the main thoroughfares of the city.


Of course, the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel has a well-stocked fitness center that remains open all night for those looking to fit in a workout, but the hotel goes above and beyond when it comes to making one’s workout desires into reality. This is because the hotel provides workout gear including a yoga ball and mat to those that want to stay within the confines of their own room. For those that have a lot of business in the city, the ability to get a pump within one’s four walls may make the difference between reality and fiction.
For those that do not want to be constrained to an indoor setting when they work out, the hotel also makes a jogging map available for a variety of routes of differing lengths.

For The Younger Set

Our daughter was relatively good all things considered, and part of that was due to the sheer number of distractions that were present in the hotel. When we were in the main lobby, a well-lit Christmas tree was more than enough to keep her attention. When we got back to the room, she had a number of distinct options of shows to watch on the television. While she is a bit on the young side to enjoy video games the hotel has a lending library where those residing will be able to get their game on. We were particularly happy with their audio-visual options, which will ensure that one can find the right sort of tool, cable, or device to make their night properly memorable.

Bundles & Accessibility

While a room at the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel will cost around $150-300, the property has a number of distinct bundles available for those stopping in Nashville. One of the example bundles the hotel was offering when we attended included self-parking in the garage, a ride (a $25 Lyft credit) to the Ryman Auditorium along with two drink credits.
The hotel also prides itself on its level of ADA compliance, with TDD phones, accessible toilets and bathrooms, and a bit extra space in rooms for individuals to get around perfectly.

Final Thoughts

The Loews Vanderbilt Hotel is a must-visit for anyone that wishes to go to the Nashville area for a concert, business, weddings, meetings, or anything else in between. The kind staff, sheer level of amenities, and ease in getting in and out of the hotel is fantastic. We were astonished at how quickly staff made each of our requests a reality, and it was a pleasure getting off of the road, into a Loews’ robe and slippers. Never have we had such an easy time getting to sleep in a bed that was not our own.
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