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On Track is the lead single from DJ NoMis’s upcoming EP, Back To You. The effort blends together electronic and rap style in a track that will clubber listeners over their head. DJ NoMis’s flow here impresses with its depth while adding considerably to the overall harmonies achieved by the backing arrangements. 

There are a wide array of styles that are presented to listeners here, including Wiz Khalifa, Soulja Boy and T-Pain. The electronic / rap blend is something that will undoubtedly garner crossover placement on playlist and DJ sets. The on-point drum beat is what highlights DJ NoMis’s vocals and builds the momentum up as the effort reaches its peak.

Bonus Thoughts: “Found A Way”

To get a proper education about the depth of DJ NoMis’ sound, we’d recommend checking out another single, Found A Way. The hard-edged rap of On Track is softened through a catchy melody that builds off of the tradition of performers like Linkin Park, Flobots, and later Blink 182. The track is something that could easily slot into pop radio rotation; it is cohesive while taking a varied approach, further showcasing the ability of DJ NoMis to make a solid track that everyone can love.

For additional information about On Track and DJ NoMis generally, we had a few moments to sit with him late in 2017. Additional news and information about the performer is located at his social media and main domains. We’re excited to hear how DJ NoMis will continue to refine and polish his sound through the rest of 2018 and further into the future.

On Track is available now from all digital service providers; keep an eye out for the upcoming Back To You EP, which will be released later in 2018.

DJ NoMis – On Track / 2017 Self Released | 2020 Sound /




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