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Surreal Nation make something completely unique with the first song on their I Know Better EP. There are hints of punk, goth, rock, and even emo and alternative that can all be heard with Would You Do Me The Honor of Becoming My Mexican Divorce?. The guitar work is reminiscent of the surf rock stylings of Dick Dale, a decision which will have listeners bouncing around as they move into the next few tracks on this release.

The titular single from I Know Better is a much slower track. There is a more laid-back, thoughtful sound that opens up the track. A hazy instrumentation and more calm vocals put the first half of this song into Hole territory. When the male vocals join on in, one hears hints of The Anniversary or even Fleetwood Mac. The instrumentation during I Know Better may hide in the background to allow the vocals ample opportunity to shine, but there’s some seriously impressive stuff going on with the intricate bass lines, the narrative contributed by the guitars, and the splashy drums that are playing in the background.

I Can Feel The Night is a fun track that benefits with dominant vocals, a jam/ska-esque styled backing beat, and hints of acts like Bif Naked and Walk The Moon. Surreal Nation is one of those fun bands in that each track comes from a wholly different tradition; the only constant we hear during this EP is that the overall quality throughout never falters. Spirit is Silent, I Know Better’s final track is deliberately paced to take listeners on a journey. The slower tempo, the more stretched-out arrangements, and the pain that fans can hear in the vocals showcases a Surreal Nation that knows precisely how to ends this release.

Top Tracks: Would You Do Me The Honor of Becoming My Mexican Divorce, I Can Feel The Night

Rating: 8.2/10

Surreal Nation – I Know Better EP / 2018 Self Released / 5 Tracks /

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