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Today, we are speaking with Lyrikha (Erica Leonard). Can you give us a little background information about yourself?  How did you get into music?


I was told I sang before I talked.   My mother was a great inspiration for me. She sang at home and church played the piano.  Her voice was so power I remember how it radiate our home.  I connected with music at a young age. I sang in church, school and then professionally as a career in music.  It was my calling as a child and needed to be expressed and experience.


What sort of work have you put into the recording and creative processes for your music?


I put all my energy and passion in my work.  I write my own lyrics apart from the creative process of the recording. Telling the producer which  type of instruments I hear that will sound good with the lyric.


How does your recording set up look like (what do you use to record, what are your favorite tools)? 


My recording set up is home base and working with other professionals in the industry.   I use many devices to record most often is pro tool.  I enjoy collaborating with others to come up with the best sound for my song.


Tell us a bit more about Give me all your love.  How does this single provide listeners with information about Lyrikha? How is it different from From A Distance?  


Give me all your love is a song about a love interest and falling in love. Lyrikha is a passionate individual she believes in love and all its possibilities.   She wants it all or nothing at all.  Give me all your love not half or a quarter but all of it.  How is it different from From A Distance?  This song is about two distant  lovers.  One individual needs more in the relationship and pleading with her lover for a commitment.


Which artist are the greatest influences for you and your music? Is there a dream line up of performers that you would like to perform with if given the chance?


The artist that have been a great influence for my music would be Prince,  Michael Jackson,  Whitney Houston,  Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga and many other artist.  They all are so talented and creative performers.   I would love to collaborate with Alicia Keys,  Lady Gaga, and John Legend.   I’ve already spoken with my representative last year about this venture. I have put this in the universe.  Alicia Keys so soulful, magnetic personality.  Lady Gaga just phenomenon talent,  and John Legend his charismatic lyrical style.

Which sort of social media website have you had the best successes with? What about these online services are different from the traditional face to face meeting and performance that musicians utilize? 


They all are good my best success are with Instagram.  I feel I’m connected with my followers all over with my post daily.  I always get back good feed back with the energy I’m giving. Twitters the same, LinkedIn great experience.   Yes, meeting face to face is great its more on a personal level.  However if we didn’t have this platform available.  I wouldn’t be speaking with you right now.  It’s a great tool to utilize as an artist,  and business owner.


What should listeners expect from your music in the future? How can interested NeuFutur readers locate samples of your music? How had the radio/ Pandora / Spotify / other online response been for your music?


The listener can expect to receive good music.  Lyrics expressing events that happening in my world.  Love songs, pop and r & b. You can locate sample of my music on YouTube type in Lyrikha or my website


It has been a good tool for my music on Pandora, Spotify, and other online it given me plate form to put it out where it’s available.  Now I just need to bring awareness to my music and that’s what I’m doing at this moment. I’m loving it and living in the moment.


What does 2018 hold for your music ?


I hope it holds greatness and happiness.  Bring something positive for the listener.


Additional thoughts about life be determined. Believe in yourself because it will carry you through when your all alone.  The universe never forget our hard work. I’m winning today and I thank you peace and love.


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