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When some people hear the word “freelancer” it evokes some very negative images. Some think immediately of someone who sleeps until noon, has no real job and scrapes together a living doing a minimum of creative work and charging a fortune for it. If you have ever tried to hire a freelancer, you might also think there is a degree of truth to this stereotype.

While it is true that some people use the term “freelancer” as a means of justifying a lack of productivity, for most of the hard-working people out 


there making their livings freelancing, nothing could be further from the truth. This is especially true in the case of freelance writers.


A Day In The Life of a Freelance Writer


Most American freelance writers are incredibly organized. They treat their vocation seriously. Most wake to an alarm like everyone else. They have emails to answer, jobs to bid on, conference calls with clients… you name it, it’s on their plate.



All of that happens before they ever write a single word. They work within tight deadlines. They deal with clients on every point of the difficulty spectrum. They sometimes wait days, weeks, or more for some clients to pay while bills pile up.


Still, through all of this, most take their deadlines seriously and take real pride in delivering good quality work. They take as many deep breaths as necessary to get through tough assignments from demanding clients, and some will churn out as many as 10,000 words in a single day! Some write even more.


Many freelance writers go right back to bidding on jobs and answering emails so that tomorrow there will be more work waiting. It is an endless cycle that requires a massive commitment to both the task itself and performing it well enough to keep their clients coming back for more.


Types of Freelance Writing


There are very few freelancers who stick with just one style or type of writing. The average U.S. freelance writer tackles a variety of tasks every day. The more well-rounded a freelancer writer’s skills set, the more likely he or she is to stay busy.


Some of the most in-demand writing tasks involve:


  • Blog posts
  • Web articles
  • Sales copy
  • Social media posts
  • E-mails and e-mail sequences
  • Press releases
  • Technical writing
  • Academic writing


That last bullet point is one of the most sought-after and with good reason. Academic writing requires a writer to have enough knowledge in a given field to be able to write with accuracy and authority.


Academic writers also tend to defy the norm by being the ones who do specialize in one or two key areas of writing. This is an important consideration for clients who need to convey authority and superior understanding in a specific area in the documents they present to their teachers, professors, and peers.


Why Do Some Freelancers Choose Academic Writing?


There are many good reasons why some writers choose to gravitate toward (and specialize in) academic writing. A good number of professional people (lawyers, doctors, and yes, teachers – lots of teachers) choose this path as a means of passing on what they know or assisting people in conveying ideas they find challenging to verbalize on their own.


Academic writing also provides professionals with other benefits. It allows them to generate a stable side-income and gives them an avenue through which to impart knowledge and wisdom to students who might be struggling in their understanding of fundamental concepts (or their ability to articulate that understanding in writing).


Working With an Academic Writer


If you are currently seeking help with a tough writing assignment, you want to deal directly with an academic writer. The benefits of being choosy when it comes to hiring a writer are too many to mention here, and making the right choice can be very hit or miss.


Writers who work through agencies that specialize in academic writing are typically vetted and approved to handle tasks on specific subjects. Just tell the agent what you need, and he or she will enlist the help of the best possible writer for your assignment. If you are worried about the ethical nature of hiring a writer, let us help alleviate some of your fears.


For starters, hiring a writer is not the same as plagiarism. In a vast majority of cases, the student has done all or most of the research on the topic already but just can’t seem to articulate the information in a way that will give them high marks. If that describes you, it is well worth your time and effort to research the benefits of hiring a ghostwriter.


You can always tweak a finished essay to fit your objectives for the paper and edit out the parts you don’t like. In short, it is possible to make the development of an essay a collaborative effort: your ideas coupled with a professional writer’s edge. You can present your ideas, as you understand them, but with the advantage of superior quality writing that will impress your teacher or prof.  


Selecting the Best Writer


Talk with us today and find out why we maintain a consistent 90+ percent satisfaction rating. Let us show you how you can improve your grades – and your understanding of the course material – with the help of a dedicated, professional freelance essay writers.


While good academic writers can be hard to find on your own, there are agencies – Like Essay Pro – that employ only experienced academic writers. This ensures that the quality of the final draft meets or exceeds your expectation. We not only highly recommend this route for your next essay writing project, but also strongly encourage you to contact us directly.


Let Essay Pro show you the difference that working with a committed, knowledgeable, and experienced writer can make when it comes to getting better grades on your papers. Our writers are thoroughly vetted and produce top quality work. Best of all, they share our deep commitment to superior results, delivered on time, so there is never any worry about missing a deadline or suffering downgrades for late work.


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