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History holds an extremely important place in our lives whether we realize it or not. It can teach us many things, and it has shaped how we live today. So it’s important to study history where possible or at least acknowledge that it has changed things – sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Here are some excellent reasons why history is so important.


Learn About Society

It just wouldn’t be possible to understand today’s society and what happens within it if we don’t understand at least a little about what society was like before. We need to know why certain aspects of society were created if we are to live happily with them, or even do something about them if they are more negative.


Understand Change

Taking a good look at history means that we can get a better understanding of what causes change. For example, the events that led up to World War 2 can give us a perfect idea of how something small can create something huge – it was a linked series of small events that caused this war. On a smaller scale, history allows us to see how the day to day life of ordinary people has changed over the years, and can give us an idea of how it might change further still in the future. You can look at food, housing, even clothing and this will give you clues about what people were like. Many people enjoy wearing retro or vintage clothing today as it makes them feel closer to history; just browse the collection of throwback jerseys online and you can get a sense of that.


Tells Us Who We Are

People love to have a sense of identity, so it’s no wonder that new websites that allow you to create your family tree are so popular these days. We love to know where we’ve come from. More than that, though, it’s exciting to find out what our ancestors may have done, what they went through, and how they lived. Once we know the dates of the people we are interested in, we can look to history to fill in the gaps and tell is so much more.


Preserve Stories

If we don’t ever get to hear stories of the past, those stories are going to be lost. Listening to grandparents or even great-grandparents telling stories of their youth, and then re-telling those stories throughout the generations is a wonderful way of keeping those people’s memories alive, plus we get to find out so much more about them that we might otherwise ever have thought about.


History As A Warning

Not everything that happened in the past was good, and there are plenty of worrying events that occurred throughout history. Looking back, learning about these events, finding out the causes and what the warning signs were can help us to prevent similar atrocities from happening in the present day. This is the best way to make a difference to the world.




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