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Even though flying is one of the safest methods of transport, it is also the most inconvenient. Unlike having a car to hop straight into or a train with quick and easy stations, the process of booking tickets and undergoing the whole airport process can be tiring before you’ve even stepped on the plane. If you’re going abroad, you’ll likely have your business backpack slung over your shoulder, plenty of luggage, and a long flight ahead of you, making it all the more stressful to arrive on time and with everything you might need. Here are a few travel tips to keep you comfortable and occupied while taking a long flight.


Before you go, make a checklist of everything you will need at the airport. It’s no fun finding out too late that your passport is still at home or that you’ve left something in the car. A simple way of keeping track of everything is to resist the urge to over-pack. Only bring what you know you will need on the plane, and once you’ve landed. Otherwise, you’ll have too many items to remember, and there will be an increased chance of losing something. Find luggage suitable for keeping your possessions safe at all times, carry-on or otherwise. If you only bring the essentials, you’ll feel lighter and more prepared for the long journey. Wear loose, comfortable clothes and good shoes that won’t restrict you while sitting for an extended amount of time. Maybe even bring a blanket and small cushion in case you want to sleep on the plane.

Have Fun

Sitting for hours doing nothing can drive anyone mad. To keep yourself occupied, bring a couple of books or some music to listen to through noise-canceling headphones. If you have a tablet or laptop, entertain yourself with movies or games like the ones you can find at With an active mind, you’ll find that the time goes by much quicker. If you’re traveling with friends or family, devise some groups games to entertain you all at the same time. A long flight can feel like a short one if you keep yourself busy.

Be Comfortable

If you’ve spent a long time getting from your house to the airport and through the hassle of security, you’ll probably be fairly tired once you finally get on the plane. As mentioned before, you should wear comfortable clothing so that if the need arises, you can fall asleep without seams or zips digging into your body. If you are tall, try to book a seat with extra legroom or an aisle seat. If you get claustrophobic, opt for a window seat to distract you from the confined space of the cabin. If you plan to sleep on the plane, bring something to cover your eyes and block your ears to prevent distractions from waking you up. It might sound simple, but if you forget these minor items, you could find yourself groggy and irritable throughout the flight. Eat well and get some rest, so you’re ready for the excitement at the other end.

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