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Summer dresses are not only very feminine, but they are also comfortable to wear. Moreover, it is a lot easier to create a stylish outfit when you wear a dress, as you don’t have to worry about pairing the right top with the right bottom. You just throw on a cute dress and your outfit is halfway done. However, if you want to be trendy this year, you have to put some effort into making a good selection of trendy dresses, as not all summer dresses are still trendy this year. Keep on reading to discover what dresses you should get rid of, and which new models are worth your money. 


What goes

Most trends come and go, but you might want to clear up some wardrobe space by giving up a few dresses that are unlikely to make a comeback any time soon. First of all, get rid of plaid dresses. In fact, get rid of any plaid that you have in your wardrobe. You should also let go of corset dresses and most overly tight dresses, for that matter. Blazer dresses are also tricky, as only a few cuts can still be considered fashionable. Prairie dresses are also a big faux pas. As far as colors and prints go, it is time to kiss millennial pink goodbye. Its reign was short but we had more than enough of it.In terms of embellishments, avoid lace and laser cuts, as they aren’t really in style anymore. You should also avoid tribal prints, and the overall classic festival look. Bohemian dresses are still acceptable, but try to take them out of the ordinary, by not combining them with classic boho chic elements. Instead pair them with modern prints and minimalistic cuts.


What stays

Classic summer dresses featuring floral prints, polka dots, check patterns, grids and stripes will never go out of style, so you can safely wear them this season, regardless of their cuts. Moreover, bold colors have made a big comeback, so if you have any yellow, magenta, purple or neon dresses, you can wear them with confidence on any occasion. As far as the cuts go, keep flowy and oversized dresses, and wear anything that has ruffles on it. Embellishments are acceptable, especially when it comes to sequins, glitter, and anything that sparkles for that matter.


New trends to consider

Nothing is ever new in fashion, but the following trends have made a huge comeback this year, and they are likely to stay in style for a while: check prints, grids, palm beach prints, candy stripes, rainbow patterns, cartoon printsand animal prints with bright backgrounds. As far as colors go, tomato red, cobalt, canary yellow, fuchsia, emerald green and purple will be very fashionable this season. Needless to say, it doesn’t really feel like summer without pastels, so you can safely invest in new pastel dresses as well. Off the shoulder maxi dresses are also back in style, either in flowery prints, or in elegant dark shades like this black maxi dress from VeronicaM. Black is tricky to wear in the summer during the day, but this type of black maxi dress is perfect for a casual evening.


New trends that are not worth your money

If money is not a problem for you, the following trends will be very hot this summer. However, they will be so popular, that we will get sick and tired of them, so it is unlikely for these trends to last more than a season. So, if you are on a tight budget, you should avoid the following trends: dresses made of plastic, rubber or other synthetic materials resembling plastic, dresses with 80s puff-ball sleeves, anything with feathers, wool embellishments and oversized fringes. As far as prints go, artsy, abstract and pop art prints will be huge this year. In fact, they will probably be the trend of the season. But, due to their crazy popularity, these prints will probably be considered faux pas next year, so try not to invest too much money in them.

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