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The Austrian punk trio Deecracks have been slogging it out in basement parties and clubs for 15 years now, all the while adhering to a strong DIY ethos that saw them self-releasing most of their records, when they weren’t booking their own shows across the globe. Indie Street Punk/Oi stalwart Pirate Press jumped in and offered to release the band’s latest, Sonic Delusions, giving the band a better shot at exposure in the U.S. And just a couple of songs in, it’s clear what Pirate Press saw in the band.

Stripped completely of any traces of pretention, the band puts out loud, melodic, 1-to-2-minute bursts of addictive frantic energy, coming off like Bouncing Souls and Anti-Flag egging each other on. Singing in English, the band peel of distorted guitar licks, rapid fire drums and sing-along choruses aplenty, across 16 tracks.

There are a few tracks here and there that start to sound redundant, but there are far more memorable songs here like the infectious “Mentalane,” “It’s Been A While” and the impressive instrumental “Mexican Standoff” (clocking in at nearly 3 minutes, one of their longest songs). Fifteen years into it, it’s about time U.S. audiences finally discovered the band.

Deecracks – Sonic Delusions/16 tracks/Pirate Press Records/2018

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