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Intend is the first track on The Good Night, the new EP from Minneapolis’s own TRITA. The amount of raw passion and fury that begins this album is unmatched. Furious guitar work combines with splashy drums to make for an intensity and a brooding sound that brings together Machine Head, Fear Factory, and even a bit of early Korn. The tempestuous sound of this first salvo will continue to yield new twists and turns as fans continue on with the cut. Hatebreed and Tool can be picked up in smaller portions; fans will be sitting on the edges of their seats by the time that the song concludes. The release continues with To Sisyphus, a song that has a bit more of the post-grunge and sludge sound of acts like Corrosion of Conformity and Soundgarden interspersed throughout.

Saltless Sea has a chunky sound that we absolutely love. The second half of this EP is considerably different than the first, in that there is much more of a hardcore meets Sepultura and mid-1990s Cradle of Filth sound that is whipped up. Bluer Sky is the last track on The Good Night EP, and may be the dark horse for our favorite. The emotional complexity of the song and technical virtuosity of the guitars unite to make something truly special. The dark, brooding sound will stick with listeners long after the release ceases to play.

The Good Night EP provides listeners with a good introduction into TRITA, their influences, and may yet hold a key to where the band will ultimately take listeners on a follow-up to the release. For additional information about the act, samples of their music, or the latest in the way of news from the TRITA front, visit their main domain or social networking profiles.

Top Tracks:  To Sisyphus, Saltless Sea

Rating: 8.8/10

TRITA – The Good Night EP / 2018 Self Released / Facebook / iTunes

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