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Fashion in Goth Clothing & Accessories has always been known to have fluctuating trends and styles going on in the market. But there are some trends that have gained far-fetched consistency in the recent times. One such fashion trend is of Crop tops in Women’s clothing. These are being sported by everyone ranging from teens and school going girls to office going women and celebrities. These designs are catered by an extensive expanse of manufacturing, designing and selling sources. Zaful is one such website that offers a wide range of clothing for women. The crop tops come in various designs which accommodate a broader horizon of sizes and shapes. As it is in the dimension of high configuration these days, more sophisticated choices are being provided in it. is another one.

Merits of Designing and Styling techniques

  1. Design strategies:

The exposed waist or midriff creates the illusion of height due to lesser fabric on the upper body part. It proves to be very beneficial for short women as it makes them look taller. When worn with high-waisted jeans for taller women, it balances the length by covering the midriff. Based on the way of styling, it can change the overall appearance.

  1. Styling according to the occasion:

It can be styled by women of any body type including petite or curvy in a pliable way to make it look more fashionable and comfortable. Different styles and designs in Crop tops are available which can be paired with different bottoms for a different look. It can be styled for formal occasions by pairing it up with a skirt, trouser or formal dress and some accessories. It can also be styled for casual occasions by pairing it up with jeans, shorts or maxi skirts. It can be styled with a skirt or dress for party look and with a long ethnic skirt for a more traditional look.

  1. Styling according to seasons

The availability and possibilities are diverse for wearing it in different seasons like summers and winters. It is available in various designs ranging from short sleeves to long sleeves, body-fit to loose-fit and casual to formal. It offers an opportunity to view the fabric, style, design, and configuration with the help of the virtual platform.


Some women have unbeatable hesitation with wearing crop tops as they do not find it comfortable for their body type. It is often denied by overweight and obese women due to the display of the stomach and waist in the clothing. Although a lot of options and styles are available for women with varied body structures, they are invariably neglected by many of them.

Despite certain flaws and denials, crop tops are one of the most favoured clothing choices available for women today. Even though the spectrum of options is varied, choice of clothing can be quite easy at times if a well-organized source is available. It provides you with one of the best sources available to take out your utmost preferable pick. To view the latest collections and go on a mind-boggling shopping spree, click here.

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