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I’ve been down this road before – the Detroit music landscape. It’s crinkled edges dog-eared for rock’s dingy clubs. Or maybe it’s the Motown avenue, where vocal groups in perfect harmony have synchronized themselves walking down the street. Still yet, maybe Detroit is the hardened, rough streets where rappers use lyrics instead of fists. There’s always room for more, the ghosts of Detroit remind me. Always.


Enter Dallas-born, but Detroit-raised pop-R&B singer/songwriter, Clayton Morgan. His debut single is “Taste For Love.” What he lacks in lyrics he makes up for in soul, attitude and genuine grit. The son of Detroit’s Eddie Daniels’, vocalist for The Four Sonics, leaves little room between him and the mic with his smooth delivery and authentic vocals. He’s so slick in the production work and polished in the studio, yet, his vocals themselves leave pockets of breathing and humming as only a true artist would do.


It’s not to say the lyrics in “Taste For Love” are bad. They aren’t. They can be a bit trite at times. An example,  “even through stormy weather, you’re my tasteful dish,” is where Morgan collectively creates an exciting and memorable track. He really plays on the eating, the food experience. It’s a bit cheeky. The first listen, you’re kind of like, uh, what. But, after a few listens just go with it. Embrace it! I suppose though, during a long, harsh Detroit winter, these things come to mind.


Frankly, compared to what is on the Billboard Hot 100 right now, Morgan would fit well with his colleagues. I think he would stand out enough to chart, but like the song, keep building upon his successes.  I like his style and his approach.


I also liked that I could dance to this song. I didn’t at first, but the more I listened to it, the groove really spoke to me. This is a song that I want to hear at the club. It’s not frenzied or heart-pumping, but rather, a slow, slick build. You won’t get lost in the lyrics, but you will certainly get lost in Morgan’s confident voice. It’s as if he’s humming to you and you alone. Just magic.


Fans of Jason Derulo, Prince, Morris Day and The Time, Keith Sweat, The Weeknd, Whitney Houston, Usher and more will want to check out “Taste For Love.” If not for the dancing, then the personality that really comes in this track. It’s a memorable song and Morgan appears to be on his way to soaring to new heights. I highly recommend this track for your Spotify playlist or music library addition.


Thomas Schill


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