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Travelling is always exciting, no matter if it’s business or pleasure. However, all of the guys looking to move around the world need to prepare themselves properly to make their travels as pleasant as possible.

In this post, we will talk about all of the essentials men need to successfully embark or business ventures, or simply adventures. These are the 9 items you need to bring with you in order to have stress-free travels and be able to enjoy them to the fullest, no matter where you are going or why.

1.    Quality suitcase

First thing’s first, you need to have a good travel suitcase where you will pack all of the stuff you will carry with you. Depending on how long you will travel and how much clothes you will bring with you on the trip, you can choose a larger or a smaller option; it is completely up to you.

Make sure that you invest a bit more money to get a quality suitcase, as long travels can take their toll on luggage as it will go through customs, cargo areas, and many other places where it could even take a few hits. Having your suitcase broken during your trip can cause a lot of inconveniences, so make sure to find a durable one.

2.    Quality backpack

The same rule applies to backpacks. You will need one so that you can carry the essentials you need when you get to the desired location. If you are staying at a hotel and you want to check out the surroundings and bring a camera to take photos, you will need a backpack to carry it properly and pack some snacks, waters, and other items.

3.    Smartphone (armed with all the essential apps)

Of course, your smartphone goes everywhere with you. Our small devices are loyal companions that can help in many ways and this includes traveling as well. Make sure to get some apps that could be useful during your travels. There are various types of travel apps, so choose wisely.

4.    Cosmetic products

–          Shampoo

Make sure to bring two shampoos with you, both for your hair and beard. HiLee’s beard shampoo is enriched with organic apple amino acids that will help protect facial skin from irritation, as this can be an issue when changing climate and humidity levels.

–          Sunscreen

Summer is coming up and, of course, you will want to walk around outside, maybe even get a tan. This is why you need to get sunscreen, to protect your skin and be able to move freely wherever you want.

–          Hand cream

Like your face and body, you need to protect your hands as well. Bear in mind that you will go through various transports, do many things, and be active, so you need to ensure that your hands are protected.

–          Grooming tools

This is very simple to figure out; the things you use at home to groom yourself should be alongside you while traveling. This includes razors, tweezers, hair brushes, trimmers, and so on.

5.    Documentation

Make sure that you pack all of the necessary documentation you need for your travels including your passport, personal ID, travel insurance, any travel visa, work permit, or anything else required. It is also a good idea to bring photocopies of your ID and passport so that you can have a way out if you lose your documentation.

6.    Battery charger

A portable battery charger for your smartphone can help you a lot. During those boring moments when you are flying for 8 hours and you can’t charge your phone, it can come in handy and give your device the juice it needs to help you pass the time.

7.    Sunglasses

Sunglasses are absolutely essential during the summer, no matter where you are going. Not only that they are practical but they also give you the edge every guy needs.

8.    Flask

Having a personal flask has style written all over it. You don’t have to settle for a basic-looking flask as many other types of flasks are available on Flaskaholic and you can find the one that fits in with your image.

9.    Travel pillow

Spending a lot of time on a bus, train, or a plane can be extremely uncomfortable and, when traveling the world, you will want to be as active as possible wherever you are. This means that you will probably want to take the opportunity to catch some sleep while traveling and, to do this comfortably, bring a travel pillow with you.


Bring these 9 essentials with you and you will be ready for a successful trip this summer!

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