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Mankind’s quest to experiment with cooking and culinary has been there from day one. Over the years, food and cooking have evolved from a mere need to satisfy the hunger for an essential component of culture an entertainment. As the art of cooking has developed over the years, there have been new inventions in the world of kitchen technologies, the oven being among the first ones. One of the most game-changing technologies concerning features were the microwave ovens, which let helped in to automate various tasks, thus making cooking easy like never before.

In the recent past, many homemakers and interior designers have also stressed on designing the kitchen space such that it makes intelligent use of space and complements the design of the rest of the house. This created a need for variations in existing appliances, such as over the range microwave ovens. Unlike conventional variations of microwave ovens, the over the range ones are meant to fit in your kitchen and give an impression of being an added feature and a part of your kitchen design rather than being kept as a removable standalone appliance. This means that not every over the range microwave will be the best buy for every kitchen and there will be many factors that one needs to consider before making the purchase. Here are a few tips that you should remember when buying an over the range microwave oven.

Measurements and Pre-Installed Exhaust Infrastructure

Unlike conventional options, over the range, microwave ovens need to be fit in your kitchen system and integrate with your existing cooking range and exhaust features. Therefore, one of the most fundamental factors that you will need to consider when making your purchase is the measurement of your cooking range and the space designated for your microwave appliance. Make sure that your device will fit in this space. Other than that, pay attention to the exhaust design of the appliance that you are considering to buy, and make sure that it is compliant with the pre-existing exhaust features in your kitchen so that it can integrate quickly.


Once you have shortlisted the appliances according to their measurements and kitchen design, compare them according to the essential elements that you would want in your microwave oven. You might want to consider features such as touch pads, child locks, watts, heating cycles and heating systems such as convection heating in your appliance.

Cooking Functions

Different people use microwave ovens for different purposes. While some use them only for basic heating purposes such as defrosting and reheating, others use it for fully-fledged meal preparations and even cooking and baking. Not every microwave oven will be offering all the cooking functions. Therefore it is vital that you consider which one fits your cooking requirements best.


Consumer Reviews

Once you have shortlisted and narrowed down your choices to two to three options, look out for some over the range microwave reviews for them. Look what users with the first-hand experience have to say about the product. Pay attention to pros and cons regarding product maintenance, functionality, durability, and ease of use.

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