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It’s Ladies’ Night at the new bar in town and you and the your crew are planning on going. Great! So what do you wear? This is the plight of every woman since the dawn of time. From finding the right shoes to the perfect handbag, what we wear on our night out is important. If you are stuck on putting together the best outfit, here are some tips to help you out.

Consider The Weather

There is nothing harder on a great night than the weather monkeying everything up. Sure, you might have the perfect warm coat that compliments your little black dress, but what happens to that jacket once you are inside? Always call ahead and find out about coat check and table situations so your jacket stays neat and tidy while you enjoy your evening.

If it’s going to be a wet night, do think long and hard about protecting your designer handbag from the rain. Nothing is worse than losing an expensive handbag to a torrential downpour. It also can impact your choice in shoes. Those super cute, strappy, 4-inch heels look fabulous inside but maybe not much when outside dodging puddles.

What Is The Atmosphere?

Atmosphere is everything when it comes to creating the ideal look for your evening. You don’t want to overdress for a casual “jeans and tee-shirt” bar, but you can certainly upgrade that jeans and tee-shirt with complimentary statement earrings. However, if this new bar hasn’t informed the public of any dress codes, do take a moment to call and find out if they have dress requirements (such as sport jacket and ties for men). Not all bars are okay with jeans and a tee-shirt, no matter how much you dress it up.

Those are the perfect places to show off that new red halter dress you got last week at Macy’s! Lastly, atmosphere is everything depending on what you want out of your evening. If you always dress down and are looking for a snazzy night out and dressed to the nines, a casual everyday bar is not going to fit the bill for you. At the same time, if you have to dress up everyday for work, a casual night at a low-key bar may be exactly what you need.

It’s All About Accessories

That cute dress you got at Macy’s last week is cute on it’s own but can be taken to another level by adding a few simple accessories. Designer handbags and clutches are the first way to accentuate your dress and be a functional item for your night out. Statement earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and your shoes will also complete the look and compliment your dress. Be careful with statement pieces!

If you decide to focus on big, gorgeous, funky earrings that bring out the color of your outfit, tone it down with the rest of your jewelry. Shoes can also compliment by becoming your statement piece. Have some handmade designer shoes that show off a motif? As long as they compliment the dress and show off your fabulous legs, keep everything else toned down.

It’s not too hard to get ready, it just gets overwhelming when you hit the closet and see everything you have waiting to be worn. Grab the first three outfits that you are most drawn to and whittle your choice down from there. Call your girlfriends and ask their opinions on what you should wear (trust us, they want you to look your best too!).

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