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The right engagement ring can change a lot in the future. One of the primary things you need to decide while shopping for the ring is the shape of the central diamond. The shape and size of the center diamond say a lot about a man or a woman. Apart from personal taste, it also speaks about their love for luxury. The slightly rounded, pillow-like shape of the stone helps these engagement rings stand out. Cushion cut diamonds represent opulence above everything else. That is one reason celebrities, noted personalities, and the novelty has always preferred these square shaped diamonds at the center of their rings.

What is so special about a cushion cut diamond?

It is easy to confuse princess cut with cushion cut since both are square, but both have distinct features that tell them apart. The cushion cut diamond ring is more romantic than any other diamond rings. A cushion-cut solitaire has softer and rounder edges that create an overall soft brilliance. Apart from personal preference, you should also consider the romanticism and the history of cushion cuts before making your purchase. During the early nineteenth century it was popular as the mine cut diamond due its more natural look but sheer brilliance. The modern cut is a crossover between the Old Miner cut and the contemporary oval cut.

What are the defining features of cushion cut diamonds?

The modern cushion cut diamond has precisely 58 facets. While there are no set ratios for the ideal cut of a diamond, the length to width ratio remains between 1.1 and 1.2. It has a higher refractive index as compared to other diamond types. It does not retain color like the others so that you can go with an H for this one. Today’s youth love this cut due to its compatibility with several colors. If you are eyeing colored diamonds to add a personal touch to your engagement ring, you might want to consider the cushion cut.

How is a modern cushion cut different from traditional ones?

Today’s cushion cuts come with refined proportions. You will likely find smaller culet and a larger table. That ensures maximum brilliance without increasing the size or karat. A lot of people might tell you that round cuts bear more brilliance than cushion cuts, but the truth is cushion cuts have more fire than any other diamond cut. Look for one that has improvements in the angles to ensure maximum intensity.

What ring designs can cushion cut diamonds support?

They are especially popular since their brilliance, and unique shape makes them easily noticeable. They have a subtle touch of opulence that does not subdue the sophistication of any design. Currently, cushion cuts are trendy in halo design engagement rings, vintage settings, art deco inspired ring collections and solitaire setups. People all over the world are looking for cushion-cut diamond rings for their special day. A single medium-sized cushion-cut diamond on while gold is all you will need to hear the “yes” you have been waiting for.

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