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A healthy microbiome is the cornerstone of good health, which is the reason that it is emphasized so much. An optimal balance of the bacterial ecosystem in your gastrointestinal has a direct impact on your physical and mental well-being. So it definitely deserves all the attention that you can give. Primarily, the best thing that you can do to maintain this balance is by eating right. While a lot is said about the significance of probiotics, unprocessed and organic foods in keeping your gut healthy, you may have limited understanding related to the foods to avoid. Let us share a list of common foods to skip for maintaining a healthy microbiome.

  1. Gluten

Gluten, a protein found in grains like wheat, barley, and rye, is one of the foods that you must stay away from if you want to strengthen your gut health. Though it gives these foods a good texture, it may put your microbiome out of balance. People who are gluten-sensitive are particularly susceptible to digestive issues caused by foods high in gluten. Grain-free alternatives can be a better choice if you are conscious about your digestive health.

  1. Sugar

Sugar is the worst culprit when it comes to counting foods that can be harmful for the good gut bacteria. Essentially, foods high in sugar upset the balance between the good ones and bad ones by supporting the latter. While healthy, prebiotic foods support the good bacteria, sugar-laden foods help the bad guys thrive. Once the balance between them is toppled (the bad bacteria outgrow the good  ones in number), you start suffering from digestive issues. It is best to ditch your sugar cubes and switch to natural sweeteners like honey.

  1. Processed Foods

Next on the list of foods that you must avoid to maintain a healthy microbiome are the processed and fried foods, which aren’t good for you anyways. Like sugar, these foods too help the bad bacteria flourish and put the microbiome out of balance. The best thing to do is to substitute junk foods with healthier choices like fresh fruits and vegetables. If you do have to eat fried foods, try some healthy oils such as olive oil and coconut oil.

  1. Dairy Products

You may have always thought of dairy products as a healthy food choice but surprisingly, they may have a negative impact on the microbiome. The problem is greater if you are sensitive to dairy products. The fact that most of the milk-producing animals are treated with antibiotics is the reason behind these products not being gut-friendly. If you consume these products, ensure that you obtain them from organic and grass-fed animals.

  1. Red Meat

Having too much red meat will not do many favours to your gut health, particularly if you are not opting for the organic variant. The reason is that red meat decreases the good bacteria and increases the harmful ones within the digestive tract. Additionally, there are chances that you may consume meat that is of low quality and is sourced from animals treated with antibiotics (as in the case of dairy products). Ensure that you buy and use only organic variants from grass-fed livestock as it not only tastes better but is good for your microbiome too.

  1. Soy

Soy is a food that has the reputation of being healthy but it may not be so, specifically if you are consuming the processed and genetically modified products available these days. On the other hand, the traditionally made soy is the one that serves several health benefits. Research indicates that a diet high in soy can impact your gut bacteria negatively. It can be detrimental for Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria in particular and these are two of the most gut-friendly bacteria. Fermented, organic soy products such as miso, natto and tempeh are the best to consume.

  1. Farmed Fish

Another food that you must ditch to keep your microbiome healthy is farmed fish. Most of the ones reared on farms are treated with antibiotics and growth hormones, which can deplete the healthy gut bacteria once they enter your body. Additionally, certain types of fish are high in mercury, making them even more harmful for the good gut microbes. Switch to wild-caught fish instead of cultivated variety to secure the best nutritional benefits and prevent harmful impact on your microbiome as well.

Besides concentrating on eating healthy, you can also rely on some quality health supplements to strengthen your microbiome. Microbe Formulas is a trusted destination to buy some of the best natural products and supplements that counter a variety of health issues and promote overall health and well-being. These products are primarily made of natural ingredients that have proven benefits from microbiome health and have been trusted for years for their amazing benefits.

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