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When it comes to diamonds, the carat is not everything. It is possible to get a 3-karat solitaire ring for lesser than the price of a 1-karat ring. How is that even possible or logical? How are some diamond dealers giving huge glittering rocks for a steal? Is that deal even real? Before you jump at offers like these on the web, you must know that other factors determine the price of a diamond. The clarity, color, and cut are the three other important factors that contribute to the cost of a diamond. So, if you are getting a large diamond for the price of a small one, you have to dig deeper and find the real reasons your diamond dealer is giving you these “discounts.”

What is a super ideal cut solitaire?

If you are looking for a diamond ring for popping the question to your girlfriend, then you must check out the super ideal cut diamond rings first. As the name suggests, there is nothing better in terms of cut and clarity. A super ideal cut is a round diamond that the jeweler has crafted with finesse. It is a fine-cut diamond that is perfect, and it has a cut grade of AGS Ideal-0 or GIA Excellent. These are not just sales jargons, so if your jeweler states these qualities, he or she must have the documentation to support the claim and the price.

The JannPaul Diamonds with super ideal cut are the fitting example of the fine cut and finish. A super ideal cut solitaire should have perfect hearts and arrows patterns. The space between the edges of each heart and arrow should be even. Now, most buyers do not care about the 34.5-degree crown angle or the 56% table. At the end of the day, what we all care about is how much fire and brilliance a solitaire has. So, if you are out to shop for the finest solitaire ring for your engagement, definitely go with one that has the “super ideal cut” label on it.

Is it possible to get super ideal cut diamonds in other shapes?

At this point, most people wonder if they can get a super ideal cut diamond in any other shape. The recent advent of design and cutting technology has made it possible for the jewelry lovers and shoppers to explore a whole range of different fancy shapes with the super ideal cut. However, while shopping for these emerald-shaped, cushion cut or princess shaped diamonds always check their GIA ratings and AGS ratings. Some websites use the term “super ideal cut” to describe the brilliance and scintillation of the gemstone rather than classify them according to the GIA and AGS standards.

While shopping for something exquisite like this, always go to a diamond dealer you can trust. If it is not possible for you to check out their in-store collection, ensure that they complement their online designs with the necessary certifications, to prove the true worth of their solitaire designs. The pricing of diamonds is pure science, and there should be tangible proof about the claims your seller makes.

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