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While most of the human race has passed on and evolved beyond the hunter-gatherer mentality, a few still remain true to their ancestors. As time passes, hunting becomes more and more of a dying sport; especially due to the fact that it has become a recreational activity rather than an act of survival. In other words, we don’t need it anymore. Nevertheless, it still is an enjoyable activity that some still choose to take part in.

This is why we decided to do some research and list out some of this planet’s best hunting destinations in order to make it easier for you, hunters (or hunter to be). After all, it’s hard enough to hunt game, the least we could do is to save you the trouble of hunting for the location itself, so that all you need to do is pick your most preferred location, use your binoculars, and enjoy the hunt!




Known among the hunting community as one of the best places to hunt on earth, Tanzania is truly an African gem.

Although it’s quite difficult to make the trip from regions like the United States, and although you may find it quite pricey to go on a safari there, you are always guaranteed to get your full money’s worth.

Geographically, Tanzania lies close to the equator, which is why the temperature range isn’t very wide; animals don’t need to migrate or lay in hiding because of extreme weather conditions. Furthermore, hunting regulations permit a year long open season that only closes down from April 1st to June 30th so, you would actually get to benefit from the near uniform weather conditions.

When it comes to the game, Tanzania abundantly delivers. There’s a huge variety of animals, to give you a figure, around 50 different species. From zebra to wildebeest, Tanzania has quite a collection of plain game, as well as, dangerous game yet, you may find yourself facing buffalo, lion, hippopotamus, leopard and elephant more than the others.

On the legal side, Tanzania is a highly regulated country when it comes to hunting. However, the rules there are quite rational which gives them both advantages and disadvantages. For example, you can’t hunt around water holes or at night which may affect the number of game you hunt. On the other hand, it preserves the numbers of animals so as to assure the contingency of the species.



No doubt one of the most beautiful places in Europe, Montenegro is one of the best places to hunt not only on land but also, in the air and sea too.

The climate is a lot friendlier than the scorching heat of the African plains. Moreover, the weather conditions there are quite variable which means that there’s a higher diversity in species of animals in the region.

Despite some animals having to go into hibernation, or migrate, the great variety of animals, guarantee something to hunt all year round. From brown bear to quail to brown trout, it is easy to run into all different animal species. Mainly because in addition to the weather, the terrain itself is quite diverse as it ranges from mountains to woods to rivers to the Adriatic Sea.


The Americas


Most people never think of hunting when they hear Canada. But, the huge areas covered in forest and left pure and untouched by civilization.

On a trip to Canada, one would be able to hunt on mountains, through valleys, forests and even rivers which happen to be packed with salmon near the beginning of fall. Other than that, of the species found there, there is caribou, bear, whitetail deer, wolverine, lynx and big horn sheep.


Famous for the huge amounts of birds that flock there, Argentina is considered to be perfect for those who wish to practice Wingshooting. There, one would find that Wingshooting is actually encouraged, since it helps keeping the number of birds under control. All due to birds being regarded as a threat to the Argentinian agriculture.

In addition to birds, Argentina is home to a wide collection of members of the Bovidae family, including various types of deer like, Blackbuck, fallow deer and axis deer. Not to mention, several species of sheep and wild goats.

It’s usually open season for doves and pigeons, but when it comes to water buffalo, puma and other game, there are some limitations.

Therefore, after you’ve gone through all the various locations that are known to be rich with exotic animals, it should be much easier for you to decide on where you’d like to go and begin the hunt! Always be sure to be well equipped and safe, and enjoy the thrill of knowing that you don’t have to worry about where your next hunting destination will be.

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