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Spending time outdoors is vital for our health in general; it might be common knowledge, but most of us brush it off because we either don’t have the time or the energy. Being out in the sun, feeling the wind against our skin, and walking down the street next to the greenery positively affects our mood and mental health.

A short time spent walking on your favorite street, or next to some trees can make all the difference and make you feel lighter.

1. Lunch Break

We’re all guilty of taking our lunch break in our workspace, or in front of a laptop screen in our own home when it’s a perfect weather outside. Next time it’s your lunch break, try taking a walk outside while you’re eating, or sitting in an outdoor place to eat your lunch and enjoy the weather!

2. Gardening

Try starting a little garden in your backyard; you can take this as a chance to have time for yourself and finally growing your favorite flower, tree, or even fruit. Not only will it be relaxing for you, but also you’ll have something to look at growing by time and feel that awesome feeling of achievement.

3. Photography Walk

You don’t have to own a professional camera to do this, simply use your phone to capture beautiful scenery. It’s better not to pressure yourself to capture beautiful moments; it could be anything, from a funny manikin pose, or a dog scratching it’s head, to a pretty tree, or a colorful sunset. Don’t limit yourself to one thing, this walk is supposed to be a relaxing photography session.  

4. An Outdoors Hobby

Developing an outdoor hobby might take time and energy, but once you get the hang of it it’ll be the easiest thing you have to do, it’s as if you have set the habit on autopilot. Try fishing every weekend, or maybe camping somewhere outside nice. Camping will allow you to spend more time outside and discover new calming places; it can also help you become one with nature, relax the mind and body, and teach you new skills like how to build a tent. On this website, has a whole guide to camping and other fun outdoors activities!

5. Work Outside

Sometimes our work takes most up most of our time and when we finally have time for ourselves, we’re usually low on energy and don’t feel like doing anything productive. It’s pretty normal to feel this way, but you can also combat it, you’re not stuck in a loop. Try to work outside from time to time, maybe in a nice park, an outdoor café, or next to a lake.

Trying to quit a certain routine, you’re already used to, or breaking it, might be a bit difficult at first. Be patient with yourself, and remind yourself that your time outside is for your own good. A short time outside, or just changing the scenery can make all the difference from lifting up your mood to improving your own mental health. Figure out what you enjoy doing more outdoor and go for it, good luck!

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