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There is a lot of information online about roulette strategies. Ultimately, the best roulette winning strategy is up for debate. In this roulette strategy guide, you will learn the most popular strategy and the best roulette tactics and tips.

Roulette strategy basics

If you are a beginner trying to learn how to play roulette, you need to understand some basics of roulette game. The most basic type of bet is outside bets (bets placed outside the numbered boxes). They have a payout of about 1:1, which means you are likely to win, even if it’s a small profit.

You can also spread your chips on some outside bets, thus providing you with a number of ways to win in one round. On the other hand, inside bets (bets placed on the area of numbers), have the potential payout of about 35:1, making it the perfect bet for risk takers and pro roulette players.

Let’s now look at more complex roulette strategies you should try:


The Martingale strategy is one of the most popular strategy in the roulette world, and some players believe it is the best strategy they have ever used.

This strategy involves doubling your stake each time you lose. So, when you win eventually, you get back all the money you have lost and even make a profit because the size of the bet has increased significantly.

The best way to use the Martingale strategy is to wager on even-money outside bets (Black, Red, Even, Odd, 1-18, and 19-36). The have maximum winning odds (about 50%), but with the low payout of 1:1. So, you win the same amount money for all your spins. Generally, these are the safest roulette bets you can place.

Let’s illustrate by an example so that you can understand the Martingale strategy better.

In the first round, you place a bet on one chip on red and the ball lands on black. In the second round, you place 2 chips on red and the ball lands on black again. But in the third round, you place a bet 4 chips on red and the ball lands on red. So, you win 8 chips that cover your losses in the first two rounds and you also make a profit.

The advantage of the Martingale strategy is that it is simple and provides roulette players with a chance to win. But still, timing is crucial. When you hit a losing streak that goes on until you reach the limit, it will be difficult for you to recover your losses. On the upside, the strategy gives you the chance to win back your money; however, you must not allow your bets to get out of control.


The D’Alembert betting strategy is more like Martingale, but the difference is that when you lose, you increase your bet by one unit instead of doubling it. If you are lucky enough to win, you will reduce your initial bet by one unit. Actually, the unit can be any number of you choose to help to stay in control when playing this game.

Here is an example of how to apply D’Alembert when playing Roulette. In the first round, you could bet 5 chips and lose. You bet 6 chips in the second round and lose again. In the third round, you wager 7 chips, and you get your win. You move to the fourth round, and unfortunately, you lose. You bet 7 chips in the fifth round and win. In the final round, you bet 6 chips and win again. Despite posting the same number of wins and losses, you will emerge with a profit.

The advantage of this strategy is that it reduces the risks of Martingale betting strategy, and for this reason, it is the perfect strategy for players who are looking to pursue a low-risk game. The low-risk aspect comes in the sense that D’Alembert is a strategy that increases bets at a slower rate when compared to Martingale, but of course, players won’t be able to recover their losses in one win. In addition, the D’Alembert strategy works perfect for outside bets, and that means you would not have a problem with spiraling bets that often trouble table limits.


The Paroli strategy is more than 100 years old and has become one of the most popular strategies in the world. In this strategy, you double your bet after winning rather than doubling your bets after losing as it is in Martingale.

The USP of the Paroli strategy is that you use the casino’s capital when you double your bet, which means any accrued losses are from capital that was not yours in the first place.

As usual, let’s look at an example. In the first round, you may bet 5 chips on black and win. Then, bet 10 chips on red and win, followed by 20 chips on red and another win. So, the total number of chips would be 35. But if you were to wager 42 chips on red and lose, most of the chips you lose would be the ones you won from the casino, thus reducing the risk of significant losses.

The Paroli strategy is the best strategy for roulette players who want to minimize losses. And as mentioned above, timing is crucial. Many players prefer cashing out after a couple of wins. The Paroli system can help you win a lot of many if you’re on the upswing and you cash in.

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