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Getting married is a momentous occasion that not everyone gets to experience, unfortunately. Finding someone you’re willing to spend the rest of your life with for better or for worse is a trying time, to say the least. So once you’ve found someone you’re willing to tie the knot with, it’s a matter of picking out the right ring to symbolize your love.

While it might be an old wives tale, the symbolism behind the wedding ring is that rings have no beginnings and no ends and effectively continue forever as you’ll never hit a point where you can’t keep going, which ideally is how your marriage will be in real life. There’s a lot of individual fashion do’s and don’ts that come with buying a wedding ring. And of course, you’re going to want the person you’re presenting it to to be as enamored as possible with your choice, so you should know what goes into the right wedding ring.

Here’s what you need to consider:

Have a budget in mind

A general rule of thumb is that a wedding ring should costs approximately three months wages. It isn’t necessarily about the money aspect, but the fact that you’re willing to prize your relationship over having a bit more cash in the bank is really what that rule symbolizes. How far you’re able to get and how glitzy you can go will be established by your budget.

But don’t fret, there are such things as discount codes for for instance that can make a ring that was previously out of your budget much more realistic. The bottom line is that before you walk into any store and have employees trying to get you to buy the most expensive ring without you even realizing it, you should have a clear budget in mind.

Make sure you know her ring size

It’d be pretty awkward to get plan out the perfect night to propose, have everything go great, and then find out that the ring you bought is a size too big or too small for your newly betrothed to wear for the rest of the day. There’s just something not so romantic about having to say “Oh, we’ll just get it resized” the night of.

So that’s why it’s important to know her ring size beforehand. The easiest way to do this without her suspecting anything is up is by taking a ring from her jewelry set that you already know fits her perfectly and then taking it to a jewelry to figure out what size the ring really is. Once that’s done, subtly slip the reference ring back into her jewelry kit and she’ll be none the wiser.

These two tips are just the bare minimum to begin your search for the perfect wedding ring. Your next concerns will be as to the stone you’re going to choose, the quality of said stone (cut, color, clarity, and carat) and that the setting and band style will be up to snuff. However none of that further planning will do you any good if you haven’t gotten these two things out of the way first. Everything else is best discovered in person by going to a jewelry store yourself, so don’t fret if you think this guide is less than comprehensive. Your search for the perfect ring has only begun.

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