Posted on: March 21, 2019 Posted by: John B. Moore Comments: 0

Seattle Twee Pop pioneers Tullycraft (and, I’m sure they cringe at every reference to that genre name) may have taken six years between albums, but they are still in top form on this, their seventh album. The Railway Prince Hotel, like their earlier efforts, still brims over with sticky sweet melodies, trading off male/female vocals and Sean Tollefson’s endearing habit of writing too many lyrics and rushing to get them all into each song.

Songs like ‘Beginners at Best” and “It’s Not Explained, It’s Delaware” are instantly enjoyable and even a nugget like “We Couldn’t Dance to Billy Joel” – a title that even the cheeriest optimist can’t help but roll their eyes at – grows on you after just a few listens.

While there is nothing in the dozen tracks here that will likely win over someone who doesn’t already enjoy sunny pop music, there is plenty to love about The Railway Prince Hotel for just about everyone else.     

Tullycraft – The Railway Prince Hotel/12 tracks/ HHBTM Records /2019 / Bandcamp

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