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Every cellphone has a default ringtone. But however interesting the default tone, over time it will be boring. For most phones, the default ringtone is only limited to no more than 10 tones. In the case of the iPhone, all versions of the iPhone have the same default ringtone so that it will be difficult to distinguish calls from the iPhone 7 or iPhone 8. This is the reason why many iPhone users today use additional ringtones; from their favorite music tracks or other mobile ringtones.

Ringtones are considered a reflection of personality by many mobile users so that unique appearance is important to them. But the problem is not resolved for iPhone users. For information, all iPhone versions only support ringtones on M4R, it doesn’t allow us to just move ringtones from outside and listen to them immediately.

When you come to transfer the ringtone to your iPhone device

When the time comes to transfer ringtones to iPhone, you must use special software to transfer your favorite ringtones to your iPhone device. You need versatile software that can transfer all data to the iPhone without reducing the quality of each item (which is transferred).

Apeaksoft iPhone Transfer

This is versatile software that is able to transfer all kinds of data to your iPhone. This software is highly recommended because it can back up any files such as contacts, images, text messages, videos, music, ringtones and so on. This not only works to transfer ringtones but also covers all types of data that are usually on a smartphone. This is a real bridge between your iPhone and other devices.

Why not iTunes?

iTunes is made to facilitate each user to transfer data but it has restrictions that are often annoying. If you use iTunes, you will not find the freedom you can get using Apeaksoft iPhone Transfer. Some examples of the intended constraints are as follows:

– You have the opportunity to lose data if you don’t back up your data beforehand.
– Transfers allowed are in the same direction.
– You cannot select data to be transferred because iTunes is a global transfer software.
– Synchronization often results in a partial loss of data.
– Failure to transfer between iOS.
– Authorization of up to five computers.
– You cannot manage data freely.

You need a third party application and Apeaksoft iPhone Transfer is able to answer all your frustrations!

Using Apeaksoft iPhone Transfer is as easy as clicking multiple times! This is an alternative iTunes that is better even better than iTunes itself. Separating various media files separately is no longer a dream. You can do that easily just by following a few simple instructions. No special knowledge is needed to run this software.

For more details, see some of the things you can get from using Apeaksoft iPhone Transfer:

– You can manage media files separately based on different categories: Movies, Music, Ringtones, Voice Memos and so on.
– You can customize each file for example by changing the name, creating a playlist or deleting something.
– Convert the file so that it will fit on your iPhone device. This is what we mean, turning ringtones files into the ones that can be played by your iPhone device.

Another advantage is managing iPhone contacts

In this sector; once again Apeaksoft iPhone Transfer is superior to iTunes. With the software you can export contacts to Vcard for popular email accounts like Gmail, Yahoomail and also for formats like Outlook. Apeaksoft iPhone Transfer can also do the opposite; import these data. You can also edit contacts as you like or even delete them.

Move other data types in no time!

You can transfer text messages from your iPhone device to a computer in formats such as TXT, HTML and CSV. If you want, you will export your chosen electronic book as a PDF or ePub file to open on another iPhone device. You can also place your favorite photos on your computer or add bookmark images to the album so that it’s easy to see.

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