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On their latest single TAKEOFFYOURCLOTHES, Water District are able to make an engrossing and intense effort built off of Plus-44 and Alkaline Trio. With a bit of the vocal-forward styling of Rise Against, Water District is able to make a punky, poppy track that will even appease the most technically-minded listeners. The vocal / drum dynamic pushes the cut’s momentum higher, while the bit of synth that is peppered in through the song fills out the cut even further. The band’s evolving with each track in terms of instrumental progression (listen to those lush drum fills and guitar riffs!) and building a coherent sound up at each section of TAKEOFFYOURCLOTHES.

We’ve been keeping an ear to the ground the last few years, and have been fortunate enough to write about the band’s Dream With Your Eyes Open and 2015’s Dear California.

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