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Why Your Mom Was Right About Kuala Lumpur

If a mother would recommend her son or daughter a list of 10 places they should visit around the world, Kuala Lumpur would most likely be on top of that list. If we’re talking safety and security, it’s considered to be rather one of the safer cities in Asia, plus the Malaysian people are quite nice and friendly. Chances are you’ll feel safer walking there at night than you would at your own hometown. Kuala Lumpur is also quite family friendly. So, if you’re going with your kids, you’ll find a ton of things to do with your family. Last but not least, Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia, which means you’ll get an excellent dosage of culture and traditions to make your trip worthwhile and you’d get to educate yourself as well as your family about one of the richest cultures in Asia. So, why else would your mother recommend Kuala Lumpur?

You can take your kids on a rare learning experience

It goes without saying your mom would want her grandchildren to not just enjoy themselves in a new country, but also learn something new. Fortunately, Kuala Lumpur is one of the places in the world where they could do just that and learn much about the world in the process. You definitely need to take your kids to the Petrosains Discovery Centre, which is by far one of the best science museums for kids in the entire world. The cool thing about this center is the fact that it won’t be some guy explaining science to your kids and boring them to death; they rather partake in interactive activities and simulations designed to keep the kids entertained while teaching them something new in the process.

Enjoy the nature

It’s safe to assume that any kid requires a decent amount of time in the outdoors for their growth and development to be complete. Spending time outdoors helps the kids with developing their cognitive abilities and so much more. There are plenty of outdoor activities you can do in Kuala Lumpur, and you can check to find out more about these activities. For instance, you could take your kids to KLCC playground and water park or have them enjoy spending some time in a local farm in the city, where they’d get to interact and play with the animals which would teach them compassion and so many more values. Spending time in the outdoors would definitely not hurt you as an adult, as opposed to being trapped behind a desk most of the week. Spending time in the outdoors is also scientifically proven to help with improving sleep cycles and vitamin D intake, things most adults desperately need.

Shop ‘til you drop

It’s no secret that shopping in Asia is one of the coolest things you can do there. And since Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia, it’s pretty much a shopping haven. You can buy all sorts of stuff for excellent prices, probably much cheaper than where you come from. You’ll find malls with every clothes brand you can imagine and all you could possibly desire from electronics and cool gadgets. Your mother wouldn’t be wrong to recommend shopping in Kuala Lumpur, for you’ll find some really cool stuff to buy there and you’d do well to remember buying your mom some nice stuff before you head back home.

When your mom gives you advice, there’s no questioning whether she’s wrong or right, because she’s always right! If she tells you that Kuala Lumpur is an unforgettable experience then you know it’s definitely worthwhile. There’s a world of culture and activities to be discovered and it’s certainly not an experience you should pass up on. Add it onto that bucket list!

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