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After analyzing the spring 2019 shoe collections, you can tell which sandal most people will be packing for their vacations come June as well as the heel you are about to see almost everywhere. After all, the runways dictate what will be popular and thus replicated by most retailers so that you can afford these trends as well.

For next season, the designers are not entirely reinventing the wheel. As an alternative, they are building upon the past trends and their fashion house archives by introducing new materials and shapes or adding decorations here and there. Here are some of the latest shoe trends in 2019.


Feathered flats and heels dominated most of the spring runway, from Prabal Gurung and Simone Rocha to Valentino. Most of these designers are incorporating plumage, and they added some feathers to the heels of their shoes, while others lined it skillfully on the straps and they all look amazing.


Complex embroidery evokes some images of heavy gowns and vintage jewelry boxes such as the Blake Lively’s Met Gala appearance, but it’s also wearable. During the 2019 Spring Show, Michael Kors featured everyday embroidered items, like a pair of some pink platform sandals. This design marries creativity to fashion for a one-of-a-kind shoe. In this season you will also be seeing most of the detailing on slides and boots. You can explore more about fashion trends at .

Teva-inspired sandals

The Teva style, made of some crisscrossing Velcro straps is expected everywhere this year. The designers created duplications of the popular utilitarian sandals using platforms and iridescent straps. Sandy Liang, a well-known designer, even included realTevas in her last season’s presentation during the New York Fashion Week, which means it is time to get yourself a pair.

Sculptural heels

The sculpted heel comes in various geometric shapes, some of which you already know from your elementary school. These innovative heels are generally wearable architectural feats that allow you to include a sense of drama and wonder into your party or work outfits. You can keep your look simple in a T-shirt and jeans, allowing the footwear to captivate the onlookers.


You are about to see some buckles on stilettos and flats, adding an edge to conventionally more feminine footwear. If you don’t like having your feet fully caged in, there are some simpler and single-buckle alternatives out there. However, if you select shoes with many buckles, give yourself some extra minutes to put them on.

Tan and beige boots

Beige is among the main trends for summer, spring 2019, and the trend has extended to shoes too with a lot of tan and cream knee-high and ankle boots dominating the runway collections. twisted x boots and moccasins are some of the best collections in this category that your feet will thank you for.

Bright chunky sneakers

In the recent past, sneakers have become a popular fixture in most runway collections, so you should not expect last season’s collections of sneakers to disappear from the market any time soon. However, next spring promises some mega-soled kicks in a variety of bright hues, such as the ones seen at Escada. You can style your sneakers with a tie-dye dress or top for the best color clash approved combination.

No matter what you are wearing, your footwear has the power to change your whole outfit completely. Wearing a pair of sneakers will give you a completely different feel than a good pair of loafers. Your shoes can truly make or break your look. You can experiment with the latest shoe trends discussed above using your clothing staples to discover some new looks. Always remember that your shoes can elevate your wardrobe to a totally new level but remember to pick the best option for you. If you are still unsure, check out and look at their buying guides.

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