Posted on: April 4, 2019 Posted by: James McQuiston Comments: 1

Nancy Ruth is able to make a tremendously sultry effort that showcases the sheer breadth of her voice. With complex and thoughtful arrangements commonplaces during Todo Para Ti (All For You), Ruth is able to ensure that listeners will have to play the effort multiple times before hearing each and every dynamic that is built up here. Extended instrumental sections further increase the replay value of Todo Para Ti; while the song may conclude a bit after the four-minute mark, it is absolutely epic in terms of the range that it hits. A solid production allows all elements on the track ample ability to shine alone or as contributing to a greater whole.

Nancy Ruth “Todo Para Ti (All For You)” / Domain /

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  1. This reviewer knows how to listen to you thoroughly and I love what he says. Such a great review and I am so proud of your achievements Nancy and am always so stoked when I read your reviews. Congratulations dear Nancy.

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