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Being one of the oldest card games in the world, it isn’t a surprise that people have come up with innovative ways to influence the outcome of a Blackjack game. This is also true for Live Blackjack games which have become immensely popular within the gambling community. Check out these tricks and tip s that will not only help you to reduce the house edge of the game but also increase your chances of beating the dealer.

Live Blackjack Tip 1

If you have a hand of soft 17 or a hand that has a 6 and an Ace, then you should always Hit as it gives an impressive opportunity to increase your hand value. Even if you have a total hand value which is less than 17, it is still ideal to hit as standing keeps your value static and the dealer still gets the option of hitting and getting a higher value. If you check that the dealer’s hand has 8,9 or 10, the preferred way is to double down.

Live Blackjack Tip 2

If you have two 5s in one hand, don’t split them. The total value of the two 5s adds up to 10. If you want to go forward with this hand, the best bet is doubling down. If you split, it increases the chance of ending up with two hands with vales of 10 each. It is better to have one average hand rather than two average hands. You can apply this trick for two 10s and 4s as well.

Live Blackjack Tip 3

If you have a hand of two 8s, then the best possible move is to split the hand. The reason is very simple! The total value of the hand is 16, which is not good considering how much closer it is to getting busted. By splitting, you double the chances of landing with a hand value of 10 each.

Live Blackjack Tip 4

If you have two 10s in one hand, then never split them. This is because the total hand of two 10s, add up to a strong hand value of 20 (the person who reaches close to 21, wins the game). If this happens, the dealer will have no choice but to Hit, so that he can win.

You can also go for the Split option but that is not a suitable option as you still don’t know what the second hand of the split hand would be. In the worst case scenario, you could end up with two hands which are less than 20 points. The odds are not good in this case, considering the tremendous potential that the original hand has.

Live Blackjack Tip 5

If the croupier has a hand which has a value between 3 and 7 and you are having a hand of two 7s, then it is better to split the hand.

Live Blackjack Tip 6

If the dealer’s hand value stays in between 2 to 6,8 and 9, then it is better to split the hand if you have a hand of two 9s.

Live Blackjack Tip 7

If you have a hand with two Aces, then it is better to split them up. This will increase your chances of landing on a solid value hand, even if you do not win the round.

Live Blackjack Tip 8

If you see that the dealer has a card value that is in between 3 and 6 and you have two 6s in one hand, the wisest move is to split the hand.

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