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Going on vacation is one of the best parts of the summer. Six in ten Americans took a vacation in 2017.

But what if you’re not going away? You can still enjoy that summer feeling through your wardrobe.

You might not want to splash out on a whole new look. But summer accessories make it easy to dress up clothes you already own. It’s also a great way to explore trends without breaking the bank.

Wondering what fashionable accessories you need this summer? Read on!

1. Flattering Sunglasses

Everyone needs a pair of flattering sunglasses. The trick is to choose a pair that suits your face shape.

There are also trends to try this summer. Women can choose retro shapes like the 1960s cat-eye.

Aviators are back in for men and suit every face shape. Wrap shades are another good all-rounder.

Sunglasses also block harmful UV rays. Make sure the shades you choose really do protect your eyes.

2. Lightweight Summer Scarf

Ladies, you can dress up a plain top and jeans with a light scarf. Use one as a shawl over a summer dress in case the sun goes in.

Add color to an outfit with a scarf worn as a belt. And keep them handy on the beach as extra coverage.

If you’re on vacation, take one as a makeshift head covering for visiting churches.

Try pairing your scarf color with your nail varnish for extra impact.

3. Slick Watches

Watches never go out of style as a fashion accessory. Whether you’re a man or woman, watches add a touch of class to any outfit.

And you no longer need to stick to one style. By swapping out your watch band, you can explore different looks. 

Try Barton watch bands for interchangeable options. Pick out a few straps to match day or night outfits.

4. Simple Summer Hats

Ladies can get away with floppy hats, which help give extra protection from the sun. Add extra flourishes like colored bands or even feathers in the band.

Men can choose fedoras, pork pie hats, baseball caps or newsboy caps.

Make sure you choose a light, breathable material. Straw or linen make good options. And pick a headband that can absorb sweat.

5. Practical Sandals

Whether you’re male or female, practical sandals will take you far this summer. They even hit the catwalk over at the summer shows of Hermès and Michael Kors.

Choose sandals that pair well with classic clothing, as well as beach wear. They’ll take you from day to night without needing extra shoes.

Neutral colors work well for men. And women can choose animal prints or even neon shades for a pop of color.

Which Fashionable Accessories Will You Buy?

All these summer buys will take you from day to night. They’re also suitable if you’re jetting off on vacation or staying at home.

These fashionable accessories work with a range of outfits. But they’re practical for enjoying your time in the sun, keeping heatstroke at bay.

If you’re going camping this summer, why not check out our articles on all things outdoor?

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