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The world of software development is unprecedentedly lucrative today, with a plethora of career fields and opportunities to pursue. From independent mobile app designers and web developers to database administrators and intelligence analysts, understanding how various programming languages work is a sure-fire way to build a successful and profitable career.

Ultimately, there are many programming languages that can be useful in various roles and job sectors. However, a few stand out as prime examples of what programming is all about: in most fields, you can’t avoid learning and mastering these languages.

Today, let’s examine four programming languages in particular that any tech-oriented professional should consider learning, beginning now.


One of the most ubiquitous programming languages in existence is JavaScript. Around for decades and still commonly used, this language can be found being used in everything from web pages and software to mobile apps. Often referred to as one of the easier programming languages to learn, there is ample reason to embrace this common yet easily-learned method of programming. While learning any new language can be intimidating, there are many resources aimed at JavaScript for beginners that can make learning this fundamental method of programming much easier.


Considered to be one of the most user-friendly programming languages in existence, Python has been used for everything from web design to application development. Given that the language’s syntax and structure actually make sense in laymen’s terms, learning this language is much more feasible than many other, more obscure languages. A variety of popular mobile apps have been designed with Python, and there’s a very good chance you use multiple programs or applications every day that incorporate Python. Its flexibility makes it an ideal choice when picking up a new programming language.


Emerging as one of the most popular programming languages for software and app development, Swift is the programmer’s best choice for developing on iOS systems. Programmers can also use Swift to develop comprehensive systems for use on Linux as well, but Apple products are by far the target audience with this language. Given its open source nature, Swift can be used and learned by anybody. Many experts in the world of programming predict that Swift will sooner or later become dominant, not just on Apple platforms, but across other mobile and desktop platforms as well. As such, learning how to program in this language is highly recommended for those just breaking into programming.


Around for nearly 25 years, PHP is one of the oldest programming languages still in consistent use today. Initially used solely for website development, PHP has since become a mainstay in a variety of programming applications. Not only can the language be used to create successful websites, but it is also used for some mobile app development, server-side scripts and other web-based applications.  One of the easier programming languages to master, many would-be programmers begin their forays into the industry by mastering PHP.

Ultimately, there are dozens of viable and useful programming languages to consider learning. If you are just beginning to learn new programming languages, however, then consider JavaScript, Python, Swift and PHP as primary contenders. These four languages offer a combination of flexibility and usefulness across multiple platforms and functions, and can be incredibly helpful in learning more complex languages.

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