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Even if you’ve recently changed your windows, sometimes a home-to-date draft is included. An easy way to close these holes is through cooking. Windows may be in the best condition, but surrounding areas may be home-related, continuous opening and window management with extra power, or rotation due to severe weather conditions. There are three reasons to convince, and caulks consist of family of synthetic resins and that are water soluble and clear they can also be painted and cleaned up with the water, so the best exterior caulks are suitable.

• To prevent moisture from entering the house.

• To stop insects from entering the house.

• To be more energy efficient.

Calculation is not a difficult task, although it may be dirty first. There are places to attract where siding, shanghai or other materials are found with windows.


Useful tips include a patty knife, razor and sand paper; a moisture vein, cook and a cucumber gun to wipe surfaces. The coking gun is cheap and essential and the external cook should only be used outside because the smoke can be harmful after entering. Some outdoor embroidery may need to stand on a staircase. If so, it may be beneficial to help someone by storing the ladder.

Well, how to start here:

1. Should be coking on hot dry days.

2. You should use silicone based attractive only to exterior.

3. Clear the outer area that needs to be removed from the old cook, dirt, old paint, or other debris. Make sure there is no dust or remaining on the surface which can affect how coke and sprout.

4. If a hole or boat is more than ¼ or more than an inch, use an open cell foam beer rod, a piece of juice, paper, or wood to fill space before the rope. It is waste to try to fill with the coke.

5. Hold it on a 45 degree angle with a black kick gun.

6. Smooth with smooth device. It is necessary to smooth because the final part of the sealing process is set. You can also use one finger but its best should not be used to cope with the possible chemicals soon.

Whatever is the reason; almost every home owner is at the same time or bought a piece of a tube. In the last few years, the world of cook has changed a lot. If you suspect it, just go to a hardware shop and check the Coco-Department. Today, we can easily migrate by the number of compositions, colors and containers.

  • How do you decide what is the most appropriate to buy
  • The first idea to choose the right attractive mix is ​​to consider the application. Is it interior or external use
  • hide neutral space or to prevent draft
  • this application requires some flexibility

There are many formulates available on the market, many of which combine basic ingredients such as treatment time, ease of cleaning, ease of elasticity and elasticity.

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