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From 2016 to 2018, the fashion industry saw sales increase by as much as 4%. And if you’re a fashion lover, you probably already knew that statistic.

While fashion is subjective, fashion careers aren’t. If you love keeping up with the latest styles and trends, you may just be on the road for achieving your dreams by making money out of your passion.

In this blog post, we’ll go over a few careers you can aspire to if you love keeping up with the latest trends.

Read on for some suggestions for a fashion career to pursue.

Fashion Vlogger or Instagrammer

Becoming an influential vlogger or Instagrammer takes time, but it doesn’t take much education or much of an investment. If you love showing off what you’ve purchased, then a career as an influencer might just be one to pursue.

Many influencers make in the excess of millions of dollars per year, and you could be collaborating with some of your dream brands in no time.

Invest in a good camera and set to work. If you’re not already a seasoned photographer, you can hire people to help you with photoshoots here and there. Your content will improve as you go.

Why not try a blog post, Instagram post or video about some of your favorite fashion trends for this season?

Fashion Designer

This one is definitely aspirational, and probably one of the most difficult to achieve. But if no one dreamed big, then we wouldn’t have the likes of some of the top fashion designers shaping the way we see fashion.

A fashion designer is the person that brings us the latest trends each season through their own designs and visions. They truly help define style and the way we interpret fashion in each era of history.

If you want to be a fashion designer, it’s not impossible. In fact, you may even want to start your own indie label brand. Be prepared to work hard, but once you get there, it may just be your dream come true.

You’ll likely go to school for fashion design, and then shape your career from there.

Fashion Writer or Editor

In addition to an eye for fashion, do you like to write? If so, a fashion writer or editor might just be the job for you.

With so many magazines online these days, you may even get to be a writer without actually leaving your home every day. Though, you’ll still get invited to tons of cool events and fashion shows so that you can cover the industry for your readers.

A fashion writer or editor will train in journalism. As you work toward your degree, you can let your professors know you’re looking to focus on fashion.

As a fashion editor or writer, you’ll get to critique all of the new designs that come out. And you’ll get to help shape whether things are a trend or a flop.

Own Your Own Boutique

Love fashion but don’t want to design it per se? Would you rather coordinate with your favorite brands and sell them in your own store? If so, owning your own boutique is a great way to stay in the industry without becoming a designer yourself.

If you own your own boutique, you’ll have the final say as to what goes on the shelves. You can also focus on something particular, like sustainable fashion or fashion for women of a certain age.

Most people who own a boutique, whether it be brick and mortar or online, have a background in business. If not, they’ll have someone working with them who has one to ensure that they’re doing everything by the book.

Learn more about some of the things to consider before opening up a clothing store.

Costume Designer

A costume designer is a mixture of someone who loves fashion and someone who loves art and theater and/or film. As a costume designer, you get to put it all together and dress people for films, TV shows, Broadway and West End plays and even sometimes magazine shoots.

Those who work on costume design typically put a bit more research into their work than a fashion designer. That’s because the design isn’t just from their own head. Instead, they’ll need to consult with the director, as well as do any research for costumes if the story is set in a different time period.

Not only does the designer have to get their vision across, but also the director’s vision and intentions.

If you’re interested in becoming a costume designer, most people study this in school. Some fashion schools may also have a costume designer major so that you can focus on this specifically as you earn your degree.

Personal Stylist

A personal stylist often works with a specific company or brand and helps style customers that come into the shop. Depending on the store, it may be for more discerning customers or those who are on the wealthier side.

Personal stylists may also work with celebrities to help them achieve a look on a night out or when they make an appearance.

Looking Forward to Future Fashion Careers

If you’re looking for fashion careers, there are many options available to you. This list only represents a handful of jobs you could have if you choose to pursue this line of work. Remember to keep an open mind as you search for your perfect career; the right career may be something that hasn’t yet occurred to you.

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