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“Call of the Sea” Creators Reveal “American Arcadia” (PC and consoles)

 Out of the Blue, developers of the critically acclaimed Call of the Sea, and Raw Fury are teaming up to put their second collaborative project on the broadcast schedule: American Arcadia. This exciting new title combines two gameplay styles: a 2.5D platformer and a first-person puzzler – in a thrilling single-player experience with a unique story. Announcement Trailer: In American Arcadia, players take on the roles of two characters – each with their own distinct…

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Megadeth Suffer Bad Timing – Again!

It hasn’t been an easy twelve months for Megadeth. What should have been an incredible 2019 for the heavy metal legends was stolen away from them through a mixture of bad timing and cruel twists of fate. For everything they missed out on in 2019, Dave Mustaine and his bandmates were ready to make up for in 2020 – but then life got in the way. Now, yet again, they’re…

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Skincare Mistakes to Avoid

Your skin needs the best in order to reveal its best. That means healthy eating habits, lots of water, and the use of quality skincare products. You might add the check mark to all of these items and still make a few mistakes you are not even aware of.  Skincare-related blunders are not uncommon and taking a wrong step now and then might not cause health problems yet repetitive mistakes…

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Stretch Mark Removal Machine – The Newest Innovation

Stretch Mark Removal Machine is the latest innovation in cosmetic treatment. Throughout history, women have struggled with unseemly stretch marks following childbirth, weight gain, or even weight loss. Creams, lotions, and exercises have all proven ineffective. This newest innovation is the answer to this age-old problem. SharpLight is considered a world leader in med-aesthetic technology development. Best of all, they are currently headquartered in the Greater Toronto (GTA) area and…

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New technologies for the holiday season

With the holiday season coming up on us with considerable speed, parents and family members alike will have to go out to the local stores and shops to figure out the best gifts. Whether one has to remove themselves from their computer time with the current competitive season of Overwatch, the pressure is already there to put one’s best foot forward as Santa Claus. The games below will suit every…

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Top Ten Bands With Their Own Slots

Selling singles and albums is no longer the be-all and end-all for top music acts. Nor is going on a sell-out tour of the world, although that obviously helps to keep the bills paid. There are new frontiers for bands to explore in the world of entertainment. Movie and video game soundtracks are one of them, but so is putting in an appearance at a casino. When we say this,…

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A Few Reasons Why Long Distance Relationships Do Not Work!

Long distance relationships is a topic that a lot of people often debate about. Whether they work or not, or do they last long or just for a short time, there are many questions that people want to know the answer to. But first, what is a long distance relationship? Long distance relationship is a relationship between two people who live far apart and who don’t see each other often.…

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3 Tips for Fixing Eyesight

The eye is the window to the world, every day out eyes process thousands of images and project them to the brain. Some people have perfect vision, but others may need glasses or even surgery to help them see. That’s why it is incredibly important to take care of your eyes the best that you can. Here’s a few tips to help you keep your eyes in tip top shape.

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Purchasing a Hybrid Bike

Biking is a great way to burn fat and build muscle tone. I’m an exercise physiologist and many of the clients I’ve seen struggle to do cardio exercises because they don’t have the endurance to run. That’s when I recommend biking. Bikes provide cardiovascular benefits at every level of fitness and at any age. They are also are less bulky and much more inexpensive than other workout equipment like weight…

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Brian Carpenter & the Confessions Release “This Lonely Road”

Here is Brian Carpenter & The Confessions’ music video for “This Lonely Road,” directed by Joshua Black Wilkins in NYC. The song features a traditional Swedith instrumental called the nyckelharpa played by Carla Kihlstedt. During the sessions, Carla got her necklace caught in the instrument and it made an interesting sound so the band decided to use that as a percussion device.