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On Loose Cannon, Zuffalo is able to blend together jam-band rock with hints of 1970s rock (e.g. Fleetwood Mac) into a crunchy, alluring effort. Sizzling guitar work builds off of early Led Zeppelin, while splashy drums punctuate the backdrop of the track. Together, these elements coalesce into a cohesive effort that will tattoo its melodies deep into the minds and hearts of listeners. Zuffalo is able to gradually shift this instrumentation into a more pointed, furious effort that will sweep fans inexorably to the end of their latest single. The energy of the single is kept high throughout the cut’s five-plus minute run time. Pay particular attention to the instrumental interlude beginning at the 3:15 mark.

We previously covered Zuffalo’s Any Given Speed.

Zuffalo – ‘Loose Cannon’ / Domain / Facebook /

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