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India has always been a place of interest and intrigue for many people from all over the world. It’s exotic, majestic, interesting, attractive, inviting and beautiful, and yet it’s mysterious and secretive as no one can really know what to expect if they’ve never been there before. 

That’s probably the reason why they feel drawn to traveling to India, as the promise of a full experience is simply too hard to ignore. 

Well, if you ever gave it a thought or two to travel to India, let us prepare you for what to expect, what to do to prepare yourself and have an absolutely splendid time there.

Why is India a popular travel location?

There are so many answers to this simple question that it would take too much time to include them all, so we’ll stick to the essentials here. India is a popular travel and tourist location for many reasons, such as:

  • It’s very cheap – India offers the best price competitiveness in the world, and it’s possible to rent luxurious accommodations at the most reasonable and affordable prices
  • India is affordable to move around – you can easily travel across the entire country by train for more than affordable prices.
  • Food is cost-efficient too – India offers some of the most affordable food in the world, and this country is known for its delicious, high-quality dishes that will make your senses explode.
  • The cuisine in India is unlike anywhere in the world – be prepared to be blown away by a huge offer of most diverse regional dishes
  • There’s Taj Mahal – India hides the most famous and breathtakingly beautiful building in the world, Taj Mahal.
  • Delhi will steal your heart – this pulsating mega-polis offers so many wonders that you’ll never expect to see here, so brace yourself
  • The wildlife – If there’s something that India is known for, it’s the incredible, mind-blowing and stunningly diverse wildlife. Most people come here for this alone.
  • Indian art – India was a bastion of creativity throughout history, so if you’re into art, you’ll love India.

There are many more good reasons to visit India, but these few are already quite enough.

How does Backgammon fit in?

Believe it or not, India isn’t only about traveling, wildlife and everything mentioned, it’s also about playing Backgammon. In fact, India has one of the largest Backgammon communities in the world, and people from every part of the world love to play this number one free online game. 

If you’re into online gambling, feeling the sudden rush of excitement and feeling adventurous to take on challengers from different corners of our beautiful planet, playing Backgammon in India is probably the most adventurous and exciting thing to do. When in India, pay a visit to for free backgammon online.

Are there any special events?

India is also a place where people come for rich wellness programs. Traveling should be all about the experience, and nothing screams experience better than the most amazing and exotic wellness vacations. To find the most exciting and suitable wellness experience in India, you can pay a visit to Zing Events. 

You can find the best festivals, retreats, weekend activities and more. Zing Events is your guide that will lead you while traveling India, so pay a visit to their website, Zing Events, for wellness vacations in this part of the world.

What do I need to do when I land?

Now, the most important thing to do before you come to India is buying a prepaid Indian SIM card online. The best thing about this purchase is that you can pick it up at the airport once you land. 

No waiting in line, no bureaucracy, just plain executives so that you can leave all your worries behind and travel carefree. Enjoy unlimited local calls, gigabytes of data, unlimited incoming international calls, cheap tariffs and more with Sim Raj, the most reliable Indian sim card in the country.

Is the food any good?

India is a country with the most delicious food in the world. First of all, Indian cuisine is one of the most interesting and diverse cuisines you can taste. While there’s no official, typical Indian dish, their food is really something else. 

The biggest favorites are tandoori butter naan, malai kofta, rogan josh, and chicken tikka masala but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Just go with the flow and try everything you can get your hands on.

An amazing oriental experience!

All in all, India is everything but a typical travel location. It’s a slice of paradise on earth with turquoise waters, golden sand, swaying palms, friendly people, most amazing natural landscapes, wildlife and everything else that nature, untouched by human hand, has to offer. 

By the way, if you fancy a cup of tea while playing your Backgammon online, it’s good to know that India has the best selection of teas on the planet.

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