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Caracol’s “Flooded Field” from the album Symbolism is the work of an engaged and top notch recording artist intent on providing listeners with a worthwhile listening experience and abundant entertainment alike. Caracol has enjoyed a career a little over a decade long and, rather than repeating herself with each successive release, This new single continues tilling much of the same fertile ground that has paid enormous dividends for her on previous releases, namely shaping her songs along electronic and quasi-reggae lines, but she is fearless recruiting artists far removed from her wheelhouse, like Detroit hip hop performer Illa J, to reinforce her efforts. These choices help keep her music fresh and moving forward and “Flooded Field” is no exception.


Caracol’s vocals keep you involved from the first and never settle for the lowest common denominator. Instead, I am impressed from the first with how she navigates her way through the verses filling each one with an abundance of emotion without ever slipping into melodramatic filler. Instead, she takes a measured approach from the first and inhabits the lyric with the feeling of someone who has genuinely lived through these experiences rather than someone just trying to interpret another person’s words. Even Illa J’s rap vocal brings an added, if short, dimension to the performance.

The video for the track reflects the same contrasts inherent in the recording, but it is further distinguished by the high sheen finish present throughout each part of the video and how the footage reflects the same emotions present in the song through different means. The use of color and sharp editing help set the video for “Flooded Field” apart from similar efforts and raises the song’s profile without ever overshadowing it in any way. Much like with the song, Caracol obviously went into filming this video with a firm idea of what she wanted to visually convey and does an exceptional job.


Caracol’s “Flooded Field” is musically on point and the only real fault I can find with the track is how the admittedly fine lyrics could be fleshed out a little more with no visible drag on the song. Choosing this as a single is clear indication she regards the track as one of the finest entries on her latest album release Symbolism. Being unfamiliar with Caracol before hearing this song, I can say it impressed me a great deal and prompts me to further investigate her talents.

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